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Is idol worshipping the worst sin?!

[The Quran 6:107] Had GOD willed, they would not have worshiped idols. We did not appoint you as their guardian, nor are you their advocate.

The Quran says the idol worshipping is the greatest sin! Why does idol worshipping the worst sin? If we set up partner (s) with God, will that harm and hurt God so badly that the most merciful God will send us to hell forever?!

If we become rebel against a king (a human being) a ruling king could punish us badly because king needs our allegiance to govern his kingdom.

If you do not show allegiance it is a great threat for the king; he might eventually lose his throne and even worse he could eventually be killed! It is a normal phenomenon for human ruler specially for a dictator!  Is God like that helpless medieval king?! Obviously not.

No matter how many gods we set up beside God it will not harm God in the least! Fact will remain the same. There is only one God in the universe. Also so far nobody directly sees that there is only one God in the universe.

Therefore, many people set up gods beside God due to their silly imagination, idea, or belief. So it is totally illogical that idol worshippers will be sent to hell eternally due to just set up partners with God.

It is in fact hurling a big insult to God to think about God in such a very narrow and mean way! God is the greatest, no doubt. God is the creator of billions, billions of stars and galaxies, trillions of planets.

Nobody knows the size of God’s kingdom! Even if we can comprehend billions of stars and galaxies to some extent, we are still like a little child in terms of understanding of God’s immense and infinite Kingdom!

God has been sending His messengers to us from the dawn of human history and every messengers say that there is only one God so, to set up god(s) or partner(s) beside God is obviously wrong and dishonoring. Many scientific and logical evidences also suggest that there is only one God of the universe.

Whatever be the case,  God does not need to care about all those human silly beliefs or imaginations. The Quran or Bible just makes a God in the image and idea of human perspective but the truth is that God is far above from all those silly human ideas, superstition and imagination.

It indicates that Quran and Bible are corrupted to some extent with human ideas and imagination! It is the ancient human nature!

Ancient Arab hypocrites created thousands of false hadiths in the name of prophet Muhammad and those hypocrites distorted the Quran too! That is why the then ruler needed to burn the original Quran!

After the death of Prophet Muhammad his thousands of companions fought and killed each other! What kind of civilized human beings they were?! Those people left and preserved the Quran and we are hoping we still hold the original revelation of Prophet Muhammad! Ah, how much we could fool ourselves?!

In the same way Bible was also corrupted! Prophets Moses, Jesus or Muhammad’s revelations and teachings were corrupted to such great extent that it is now almost impossible to find out what those great teachers said and taught to the humanity!

Of course any blind believing including idol worshipping and ideas could harm human society but in many instances those who set up partners with God are doing much better in this world than most of the so-called Muslims!

They are doing pretty well because even though they set up partners with God, they are working hard and majority of them are honest and non violent in nature.  Do I need to explain it more details?!

Anyway, good luck to the blind believers! If you have any counter and strong logical arguments please let me know and you are welcome to help me to understand the truths. I am a very humble person.

About the author: One free-thinker Muslim has sent this article without revealing his/her name.


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