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Why does almighty God need people to worship him?

Well, the new message from God is confirming that God basically does not need our worship. Instead we need to serve God by fulfilling God’s will here on the earth. Most of the religious people believe we need to praise, glorify and worship God as much as we can but that is again misunderstanding!

We need to do work as per the wills of God then God will please to us. Therefore, if you spend too much time in Mosque, Church or Temple to praise, glorify and worship God, it makes little or no sense! God says in the new message:

It is not a God that is preoccupied with this one world alone. It is not a God that judges the way that you would judge or condemns the way that you would condemn. It is not a God that needs praise and worship, that must have obedience and adulation. That is the old God of the tribe. That is the old God that favors one nation over another, one people over another. That is an old idea of God.

Praying baby in a Mosque

Praying baby in a Mosque

God even says that if we cannot or will not follow His wills and do our works accordingly, we should not prostrate or bow down to God. In other words, that is wasting of time because that is not the wills of God. We come to this world for work as per the will of God and not to worship God. God says:

Do not prostrate yourself to the Creator if you are unwilling to carry out what you were sent here to do, if you cannot take the Steps to Knowledge, if you have the arrogance to think you can determine your fate and your destiny and fulfillment.

Do not be hypocritical.

Do not fall down and worship the God whom you cannot serve or will not serve.

It is better then to live your self-determined life and face all of the hazards of this than it is to worship a God whom you cannot serve.

If you cannot respond to the Revelation, then what are you doing here now?

Every Messenger has been persecuted.

Every Messenger has been misunderstood.

Every New Revelation has been resisted and denied and disputed.

There is no time for this now.

Therefore, it is in sharp contrast with the traditional beliefs of various religious people of the world.  Essentially God in the New Message says that He does not need our praise or worship; instead God wants us to work and serve humanity as per His wills. This way we can serve God. If we cannot or will not serve God, we should not prostrate or bow down to God in an empty ritual. God bless.

Mark Henry

A follower and advocate of the New Message from God

Source: http://www.newmessage.org/the-new-god-and-new-revelation


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