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Why do so many people desperate to oppose Islam?

Assalamu Alikum,

Did you ever think that why those people are so desperate to get rid of Islam from any kind of state affairs? Because they are seeing what Taliban, ISIS and other extremist groups are representing their so-called Islam!! Your and other so-called Islamic parties’ Islam is based on extreme ideas whereas true Islam is the religion of love, kindness, forgiveness, mercy etc.

So in your distorted version of Islam, for instance, adulterer if married must be stoned to death! Hands of thief must be cut off! If anybody renounce Islam should be put to death! The list goes on and on…… God is the most merciful. The holy Quran and the true teachings of the prophet Muhammad are rational and logical and most importantly for our own good. In fact God does not need anything from us. Can you please see the conspiracy of devil! Let us come back to the true Islam. Thank you.


— On Mon, 3/28/11, S A Hannan wrote:
-please send it to your friends -all should protest



Rashed Khan Menon Demands Dropping Bismillah : People Would never Accept It

Daily New Nation and other newspapers have reported that Workers Party president Rashed Khan Menon has said it will be contradictory to secularism if the charter is amended retaining Bismillah.. “Whatever has so far been done with Bismillah and the state religion has been done with a political motive,” he told a discussion at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on Friday.Menon, also a member of the ruling Grand Alliance, he said, “Islam itself doesn’t say that there has to be a state religion.”Mentioning that the current government’s aim is to restore the spirit of the 1972 constitution, Menon said, “Now it’s time to return to the ethos of the Liberation War.

If we really want to do that, it won’t be wise to retain Bismillah.” Speaking on the occasion, Law Commission chairman M Shah Alam said, “Bismillah can be retained in a way that won’t contradict secularism. The government and parliament should decide the matter.”

This is real picture of leftist leaders like Menon..Mr Menon says that Islam does not say that there has to be state religion but he forgets to say that a Muslim state should be based on Islamic law. The law in the state of Madina, founded by the Prophet (sm) was Islam. In fact Islam wants more than State religion for a Muslim country. Islam wants inclusion of an article that t the law of the state shall be based on Islam..Mr Menon says Bismillah should be dropped because it contradicts secularism. He did not say that secularism should be dropped because it contradicts Bismillah.

The spirit of liberation is something vague but it can be said with certainty that bangladesh peole fought for their rights and democracy.Liberation movement or Awami League’s six points was not against Islam, nothing was mentioned like that in any document.Bismillah is a very important declation for a Muslim state.All documents in the history of Islam( charters, books, Farmans, etc) started with Bismillah including in the first constitution of Islam , the charter of Madina In a Muslim state it is obvious that Islam will have priority in all affairs though Non-Muslims will have all the rights as was in the state of Madina..We hope such unjustified demands would be ignored by all.


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