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Why do different religions keep fighting with one another?

Essentially, religion is a matter of belief. Different people believe in different ways which cause fighting and bloodshed in some cases. But the New Message from God is revealing that the world major religions were initiated by God for some good reasons and over time different selfish groups, religious and political leaders misused and changed those divine religions to fulfill their selfish agendas.

God says: The purpose of religion is to cultivate the desire and the capacity to experience the Divine Presence in one’s life. All teachings and rituals, whether within large institutions or within the privacy of one’s home, [are] for this purpose. And the desire and capacity to experience the Divine Presence [are] to bring one to the power of Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within each human heart.

The Creator of all life has initiated all of the world’s religions, but they have all been altered by people and governments, by cultures and traditions and by the competition for power in the world. That is why there are so many people today in the world who, though they have genuine spiritual needs and yearnings, are so put off by the manifestations of religion as it has become.

Where can you find the cultivation of one’s inner life? Where is the emphasis on recognizing, following and embracing the power and the presence of Knowledge within the individual? Where is the emphasis on developing and encouraging the individual’s capacity and desire to experience the mystery of the Divine Presence—a mystery that defies all religious teachings and conventions?

You visit the church or the temple or the mosque and what is presented but an emphasis on upholding the ideology of religion, the institutions of religion [and] the demands of religion? This emphasis is out of context and out of relationship with the essential purpose of religion.

In essence, all religion is to teach The Way of Knowledge, to bring the individual into the direct experience of Knowledge, the deeper mind beyond the intellect, the mind that God has provided each person to guide them, to protect them and to lead them to a greater life and expression in the world.

But you do not hear this emphasis. Instead, there is the encouragement to believe, to adhere, to follow the prescriptions of a religious tradition, however illogical and unreasonable those prescriptions may be within the context of modern life.

Religious conflict in India

Religious conflict in India

As God initiated all world major religions for a good reason, all world religious people should not have fought, but unfortunately the reality is very much different as we can see. Many Muslims are fighting with Christians, Jews, Hindus and other religious people and vice versa. This is obviously due to the human corruption of world’s great religions.

For instant, Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Muhammad all are messengers of one and same God. They were great teachers of humanity, everybody knows. So it is very strange that their followers are fighting with each other. Therefore, here something is definitely wrong! It is interesting to note that God says in the new message:

Throughout the ages, the mystics, the wise amongst them, have kept this Power and this Presence alive, but they were the outcasts, at the margin of religious institutions. They were the rebels and the reformers who, though disapproved of or distrusted by their authorities, actually gave life and substance and meaning to the empty religious practices that prevailed in human society.

We can also observe those mystic people in different world religions who usually do not fight with each other. Those mystic people are humble and not ambitious, boastful and power hungry regardless of whether they come from Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism.

Therefore, there is a great misunderstanding and conspiracy on why different religions keep fighting with one another. Once one will understand the motive of true religion initiated by one God and realize the corruption generated by human, he or she will never fight on religious issues regardless of his/her religious affiliation.  Thank you.

Mark Henry

A follower and advocate of the New Message from God

Source: http://www.newmessage.org/the-new-message-on-religion

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