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Why are religion and spirituality so important?

So many people in the world are crazy to make money and live a lavish and glorious life. But they forget that they will be here on this Earth only for few years and life is so uncertain and ambiguous that a person can die anytime due to diseases, accident and even without any obvious reason. You might be surprised to know that so many people in the world die every year due to sudden cardiac arrest or many other mysterious reasons!

A man in a state of Sufi meditation
Sufi meditation

So do you think, should you have a goal in life to be a billionaire or trillionaire and live a splendor life and show the world that you are a very special, unique and important human being?  Does really that make sense?!  The rich people on the planet are depleting and consuming world limited resources very fast and hence polluting our natural environment in such a way that they are labeling themselves as criminals of the planet.

For instance, a super-rich person using his or her private jet (even airplane’s sound pollution is very annoying and disturbing to me) and contributing a lot of greenhouse gases to our environment which is warming our planet, rising sea level, creating violent, unpredictable natural disasters (floods, draught, cyclones etc.) and victimizing the poorest people in the world first. (Many people think God is punishing humanity by creating all those natural disasters but be assured that God is not punishing us via natural disasters.)

If he/she uses a commercial airline even using first-class ticket (generally I take economy-class ticket when there is no alternative but to fly), our environment will get lesser carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. I even do not own a simple car but use public transport to try to save our natural environment. Of course there are some exceptions: few rich people are working hard for the betterment of mankind, I know. That kind of super-rich people deserve our respect and love.

Woman meditating in the nature
Woman meditating in the nature

Now let’s back to the point: why is it so important to talk about religion and spirituality? You might notice that true religious people in every religion are very kind, humble, liberal, benevolent, flexible, charity-minded and forgiving.  Of course almost in every religion there are some extremists and religious violence out there but that is another story!

A true religious experience will connect you with the Creator of all life (God), and then the influence of God and His angels will be huge in your life that will make you such a benevolent person for mankind. To get true religious experience, you need to deploy quite a lot of works and efforts. Do not assume it will be so easy and there is a very shortcut way to achieve so. You already know, any valuable and important thing to achieve in life is not really very easy and one has to work hard. True religious experience (the experience of God and His angels) is also not easy.

You will have to give some consistent time, practice and patience but that will be your most important investment and achievement in life. It is not very important to be a trilionare but if you can experience God while you are still here on earth, that will be your grand achievement, joy and happiness. Your trillion dollars will never give you such fulfillment and joy. You will not bother to own a private jet, for example, to get special comfort, luxury and convenience at the expense of polluting the planet; you will no longer consider yourself a very special and powerful person and so on.

Of course, you need basic necessities, but once you can meet your daily needs comfortably and get a secured life, try to contribute something for mankind in a positive way. The world is a very difficult place like a crazy hospital filled with so many desperate patients, so it needs your contributions. You come from Heaven and will soon return back to Heaven so you do not need to gather too much wealth here. We are not the inhabitants of this planet, so why do we need so many assets here, so many extra baggages? We everybody already have permanent Home in Heaven and we come here on earth for a while as visitors.

So, friends, be mindful; do not be too crazy for a lot of money and luxury here. Instead try to experience God even though you are here on Earth so that you will know (God will help you to discover) why you have come here and what unique contribution you have to make before you leave the Earth. God is so great and already gives you His greatest gift – your conscience (every human carries God-given conscience) so follow your conscience and never violet your conscience if you do not want to be a formal religious person. Any particular religious identity is not very important but to follow your God-given conscience is vital. Thank you and may God bless you.

Md. Anisur Rahman, Double MSc (Physics), PhD (Applied Physics)

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