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Why a Muslim Doesn’t Need to be a Quranist: a Critical and Comprehensive Analysis

Are you a truth seeker? Are you looking for the true religion and true direction in life that is assigned by God almighty? You should not be confused by some atheist scientists like Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking et. al. Definitely there is an almighty God exists. God did not create us aimlessly. Professionally Dr. Rahman is a internationally reputed scientist and academic in applied physics but he is a specialist in religion, spirituality and in the correlation between God, religion and science too. Get the book.

This book gives a true and honest understanding and solution about some nagging and crucial issues in Islam. You should not miss this book if you are a sincere truth seeker. This can change your life forever in a positive way if God wills for you so. This book can erase tension and conflict among Muslims in different sects and groups. Thank you. May God bless you. Get the book.

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