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Who is responsible for Russia-Ukraine war: Russia or Ukraine or America and NATO?

I can remember very well that Russia has repeatedly said that for the expansion, NATO should not come too close to Russia. But who cares! I think it is a valid question that if there is no Warsaw Pact after the collapse of the Soviet Union, then why there will be a NATO alliance? The disintegration of the Soviet Union made many countries independent and sovereign. This is a disgrace to a country like Russia.

The Warsaw Pact has broken up, how the countries of the former Soviet Union join the NATO alliance? Even though I am not a Russian, it sounds very strange to me! Many of the countries of the Soviet Union gained independence; how do they ally with Russia’s enemy? It would be better for those countries to maintain good relations with Russia. Russia has asked Ukraine not to join the NATO alliance, but Ukraine has flatly refused. Russia has also made requests to the United States, but it is rejected again.

So which path of honor keeps open for Russia by Ukraine, America and NATO? As a result, Russia had to go to war. Now one can safely say that Ukraine, America and NATO are responsible for all the incidents, loss of life, destruction of infrastructure for this war. Russia is said to be committing war crimes but such inhumane acts are inevitable in such a massive war and Ukraine, America and NATO will have to take the responsibility for those war crimes. Although the issue is between Russia and the NATO alliance, the whole world is under threat today.

The whole of human civilization today is in danger of extinction as a result of the threat of nuclear war. And due to such massive war countless lives are being lost every day, and the precious resources of this world are being destroyed. Who is responsible for it? I think the selfish policy of America and the West is responsible for this. Excessive carbon emissions from developed countries have plunged the world into a climate catastrophe, but poor people in underdeveloped countries are suffering the most. Is not it a shame for developed countries?

Now it seems to me that the West, including America, is barbaric, uncivilized and selfish. We can now see their real appearance! Without working for peace, they are leading the whole world to a terrible crisis. But it will not benefit them in the end. It is as if they are calling for their own destruction. The end result of barbaric, uncivilized and selfish people is never good. They have made pretty good progress in science and technology, but their levels of human qualities, tolerance and morality are at an all-time low.

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