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Who is Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad (s) was a prophet and a messenger of God (Allah).  The majority of Muslims believe, he was the last prophet as well. But some other Muslims believe he is not the last messenger of God.  Nowhere in the holy Quran God says he was the last messenger of Allah. The Quran says  that:

[The Quran 33:40]  MUHAMMAD was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

Some Muslims believe that after prophet Muhammad, new prophets might also come. They have different interpretation of the verse [33:40]. This verse also proves the fact that he had no son.

As per the Quran, prophet Muhammad did not hold any special position as compared to other God’s prophets, like Moses, Jesus, David, Abraham etc. Many people believe that prophet Muhammad was the leader of all prophets but  the Quran does not support so.

[The Quran 3:144]  MUHAMMAD was no more than a messenger like the messengers before him. Should he die or get killed, would you turn back on your heels? Anyone who turns back on his heels, does not hurt GOD in the least. Allah rewards those who are appreciative.

It is very interesting to note that Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in Torah and Gospel too. Christians and Jews should specially aware about this fact.

[The Quran 7:157]  “Follow the messenger, the gentile prophet (MUHAMMAD), whom they find written in their Torah and Gospel. He exhorts them to be righteous, enjoins them from evil, allows for them all good food, and prohibits that which is bad, and unloads the burdens and the shackles imposed upon them. Those who believe in him, respect him, support him, and follow the light that came with him are the successful ones.”

Prophet Muhammad was just a human being; he was not an angel nor he was created from light. He just died like every human being does.

[The Quran 39:30]  You (MUHAMMAD) will surely die, just like they will die.

Prophet Muhammad was a follower of Prophet Abraham because God ordered him to follow the religion of Prophet Abraham.

[The Quran 16:123]  Then we inspired you (MUHAMMAD) to follow the religion of Abraham, the monotheist; he never was an idol worshiper.

Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe.

PS: We always use the name God and Allah interchangeably. God has many names and one of His many names is Allah. In the Quran, frequency of God’s name, Allah comes the most as compared to His other beautiful names.

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