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Who Are Quranist Muslims?

Stoning women is NOT in the Holy Quran, by the way Quranist Muslims are peaceful, and none of them are terrorists. All the others are Sunni Muslims, I’m not saying that all Sunni Muslims are bad, but just that those terrorist are not Quranist Muslims.

Quranist Muslims do NOT believe in:-

  1. stoning
  2. head cover for women is an obligation since the word (khimar/khimorehena) means in the Arabic dictionary ( a cover / anything that covers) and NOT a head cover in particular as Sunni Muslims claim.
  3. violence in the holy Quran (except against those who fight us for religion))
  4. master Muhammed married a young girl (we can never confirm that, not mentioned ever in the Holy Quran)
  5. beating women since the word (edribohon) has plenty of meanings in the Arabic dictionary (ignore them) or (get them out)
  6. attacking anyone who did not attack first since GOD orders (do not attack, he does not like attackers) and also orders (enter into peace all)
  7. marriage to more than one (except for any orphan’s sake) since the man used to be the only money provider in old ages, women back then didn’t really work not like today when all can depend on themselves by GOD’s mercy.


About fighting verses in the holy Quran, when you read carefully the after or before these verses you’ll understand that these verses are about those who fight us for our religion only.

Combine GOD’s orders of fighting with GOD’s orders of never to attack as GOD clearly states (DO NOT ATTACK, HE DOES NOT LIKE ATTACKERS) and also GOD’s order of getting into peace as GOD says (ENTER INTO PEACE ALL) and you will get the CONCLUSION, it CONFIRMS my previous point, that fighting verses are only about those who literally fight us and torture us for our religion.

Also GOD orders in the Holy Quran to use the same weapon that the attackers used for fighting us, to fight them the same way they did.

GOD is Equitable


About the tax that many claim that non-Muslims have to pay for Muslims or get killed GOD says in the Holy Quran that when those who fight us stop fighting us simply because they don not want to do that any more, at this point, GOD says that Muslims have NO POWER over them. This tax can be understood to be taken from those who used to fight Muslims but got defeated by Muslims and still living with them.

GOD also says “[60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable. As a Quranist, the only source is the holy Quran and no other, no Muhammad’s sayings as those many of them were changed by bad people.

The reason why I’m Muslim because it’s a natural religion; it’s BASIC belief is that there is a god who is not somebody in particular and that god wants people to be good.

You can easily come up with the thought that there is a god by looking at all the creatures around you, a very natural thought which is the basic belief in Islam.


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