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We are all special and equal in the eyes of God

If religion contributes anything to the world today, it forces us to push against our human inclination to focus on our own selfish concerns. For many of us this is a fundamental imperative in our calling to serve in God’s world — to do our part in reminding the world of God’s love for all humanity regardless of how we look, where we are from, the color of our skin, or who we love. This Pride Month and every month, we, as allies and friends, celebrate the profoundly important contributions and the sacredness of our LGBTQ+ community.

The Book of Genesis reminds us that when God created the world, God created humanity “in the Divine Image.” The soul imbued within each of us is equally divine and pure. The Jewish sages teach that this common ancestry reminds us we are all equal and worthy of the same dignity and respect. Jesus teaches us that God loves all people and is present for each of us. Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Bahá’í, Jews, Christians and most other faith traditions share a basic tenet, which is to treat (love) others as you would be treated (loved). We take this belief to heart and will walk with our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. We as faith leaders are convinced that we are here to love and serve in God’s name, to pursue a world of peace and justice, kindness and fairness, love and compassion.

As a community, we are here to remind one another that faith calls us to recognize our common humanity, that we are — first and foremost — all special and equal in the eyes of God, regardless of what tradition we believe in or community we most identify with. And that God’s overflowing, unbounded love and grace for each of us invites us, calls us and commissions us to be aware of God’s grace and love for all.

We want you to know that there is a place for you just as you are in the religious community of El Paso. As local clergy, we join with you in prayer. We insist that all who would join with us must be willing to do the same. We pledge to welcome you, to stand with you in our shared pursuit of a world of love. Together we will work toward a better reality for all God’s people.

Signed in Love,

Pastor Diana Linden-Johnson, Peace Lutheran Church, El Paso

Rabbi Ben Zeidman, Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso

Rev. Deborah Clugy-Soto, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), El Paso

The Rev. Arturo J. Bañuelas, El Paso

Bobby Kankin Byrd, Abbott, Both Sides No Sides Zen Community, El Paso

Brian Sieve, pastor of Metropolitan Community Church, El Paso

Peter Kapenga, member, Peace Lutheran Church, El Paso

Carlos Clugy-Soto, El Paso

Nicole Crouch, deacon, United Methodist Church, El Paso

Kathy Anderson, representing the Unitarian-Universalist community of El Paso

Brother Todd Patenaude FMS of El Paso

The Rev. Marcus McFadin, D.Min., St. Luke Catholic Church, El Paso

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