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Violation Against Ahmadies in Muslim World

This is the reality from the beginning of world, that majority is always most powerful than minority and minority has been violated by majority. Then we talk about the violation against the Muslim Community (Ahmadiyya) who has been living in Subcontinent since late 19th century.

The cases of violation on Ahmadies have risen after 1973, when the PM of that time Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto passed the Constitution against the Ahmadiyya community. According to this constitution Ahmadies are not Muslims and declared as minority, whereas Ahmadies believe One God Allah and Prophet Mohammad. After that, Ahmadies are violating diversely from other Muslims.

It has seen that Ahmadies are peaceful community but then also they are violating continuously. After that the next President and Army Chief of Pakistan of that time General Zia ul Haq had implemented many laws of worst kinds against the Ahmadiyya community.

According to these laws, Ahmadies cannot demoniate Islamic names and an Ahmadi, cannot calling himself a Muslim, or cannot preaching or propagating its faith, or cannot outraging the religious feelings of Muslims, or cannot posing himself as a Muslim, otherwise they will face punishment of 3 years imprisonment and penalty. After that time Ahmadies were arrested in many cases of these worst kinds.

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Statistics of the Police Cases registered against Ahmadies in Pakistan

(Year 2010)

  1. Description of cases Total number of cases
  2. Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of displaying Kalima. 764
    2.Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for offering prayers 93
    3.Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for ‘posing’ as Muslims 434
    4. Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for calling Azan, call to prayers 38
    5. Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for using Islamic epithets 161
    6.Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for preaching 724
    7. Number of Ahmadies who are captured in case of for celebrating Ahmadiyya Centenary in 1989 27

All kind of gatherings of Ahmadies in Rabwah i.e. Ahmadiyya Headquarters, large or limited have been under a strict ban since April 1984 after the promulgation of Anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance. The authorities have prohibited even the sports events organized by the Community.

The effect of these worst things and violated behavior of Government of Pakistan about Ahmadiyya, is that Ahmadies are migrating to their headquarters in Pakistan name’s Rabwah, to save their lives, respect, wealth and because of inhumanly behavior of other people. Those Ahmadies, who are able to afford expenditures, they are migrating abroad from Pakistan.

On 28 may 2010, two Ahmadiyya Mosques attacked by terrorist in the capital of Punjab Lahore, Garhi Shahu and Model Town. In this incident more than 80 Ahmadies were died. Many families were destroyed from this incident and many of them migrated to Rabwah from all over the Pakistan not only from Lahore.

Rabwah is the only safe place for Ahmadies in Pakistan. In the politics of Pakistan, no one agree to say some words in the support of Ahmadies, because the fear of Mullahs. When the time will change, the minority of today will be majority of yesterday.

Here is a point, that if the Europeans and Americans non-Muslim Governments are saving and protecting the Ahmadies and all other people who are living in their countries, then why the Muslim’s Government could not dispense of justice.

They should take many serious steps about the protecting and serve all human rights to the communities whether Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. These are Muslims countries and in these countries, Ahmadies are targeting from many years and many Ahmadies have been killing by terrorist.

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I want to write about social issues. Like minority vs majority where rights of minority stole by majority. Like in Pakistan, Rabwah is safe place for Ahmadies which are in minority.


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