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The Story of an Old Woman Who Abused Prophet Muhammad

One day when Prophet Muhammad was walking back, he saw an elderly woman holding her provisions. So, the Prophet (S) went to her and asked her:

Can I help you?

The old woman happily gave him the stuff and he was carrying it back to her home. And the whole way she was bad talking of the Prophet Muhammad (S) but she didn’t know that it was him!

The whole way she’s saying, “Be careful of the man named Muhammad! He is a magician, he’s a soothsayer, he’s an evil person, he’s spreading lies, he’s a poet… He speaks very eloquently, he’s tricking people… Be careful of him.”

And was the Prophet saying, “No he’s not, what are you talking about, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re crazy, you’re an old lady?”

No! He was remaining completely silent.

This is a prime example that quite often actions speak louder than words.

The Prophet (S) reached her home, put the provisions down for her; and then he’s about to leave and she asks, “What’s your name? I didn’t even ask your name!”

And he said: I’m Muhammad.

That was the man that she was talking about the whole way. She says, “Is that you?”

And on the spot she accepted Islam. This is one of the best examples of prophet Muhammad (S).

Certainly you have in the Messenger of God an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in God and the latter day and remembers God much (The Quran 33:21).

And We have not sent you (O Muhammad) but as a mercy for all creatures (The Quran 21:107). 

It is not enough to read this kind of story of the prophet but good Muslims should be kind-hearted, forgiving, and tolerant like the prophet. The prophet came as a great teacher to show us how we should lead our life.

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