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The Atheist Delusion: Does Atheism Make Sense?

You will find many books which beating around the bush without hitting the key points related to the issues in question. This book is different, it will never waste your time to read page after page. It is not a novel or idle talk; of course if you have time you could read that kind of books for entertainment. In this book, the key issues are addressed with as much less words as possible without ignoring to explain crucial things in detail whenever that is absolutely necessary. Get the Book.

The Atheist Delusion Book
The Atheist Delusion Book

Prof. Dr. Md Anisur Rahman has written this book because there are some high educated university professor-level atheists are trying to prove that there is no God as if that can be proved scientifically. Therefore, this crucial issue what logically and scientifically can be proved should be addressed correctly and honestly from expert level. May God bless you. Get the Book.

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