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On terrorism, fanaticism, killings, beheadings etc. how should true Muslims react?

Peace be upon you.  It is very sad that we are hearing about so-called Islam from almost every corners of the globe, in the form of almost every kinds of evil such as terrorism, fanaticism, killings, stoning to death, beheadings etc. Those people are claiming being representing the True Islam (ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, JMB and many other evil groups), they pretend they are true Muslims doing jihad can cut the heads of peace-loving Muslims and non-Muslims wherever they can do so!

How does blind belief lead anybody towards worst evil acts! Demising of all rational, honest and logical God-given judgment capacity! We would urge every true believer, every truth seeker, please never believe anything blindly; not even the literal translation of every verses of the Quran.

Those people are causing huge shame for us too because we are also claiming being Muslims. So we should work hard to promote peace, love, tolerance, humbleness, forgiveness, selfless giving (charity) etc. to counter their evil acts.

Please do not waste your time to make many silly debates with your fellow Muslims on many trivial issues. As long as we can do productive and meaningful works peacefully we are sure, God does not care our every little prayers and rituals in any particular way.

God is the greatest, so we should keep Him really greatest within our hearts without worrying every little details and dogmas in our religion. Please keep in touch and make your positive and useful comments [contact(at)god-muslims.com] to make our rendezvous more meaningful. May God bless you.


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