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Quran English Translation |Surah 36-37-Ya-Sin-As-Saffah

[36:24]  “In that case, I would be totally astray.

[36:25]  “I have believed in your Lord; please listen to me.”

[36:26]  (At the time of his death) he was told, “Enter Paradise.” He said, “Oh, I wish my people knew.

[36:27]  “That my Lord has forgiven me, and made me honorable.”

[36:28]  We did not send down upon his people, after him, soldiers from the sky; we did not need to send them down.

[36:29]  All it took was one blow, whereupon they were stilled.

[36:30]  How sorry is the people’s condition! Every time a messenger went to them, they always ridiculed him.

[36:31]  Did they not see how many generations we annihilated before them, and how they never return to them?

[36:32]  Every one of them will be summoned before us.

[36:33]  One sign for them is the dead land: we revive it and produce from it grains for their food.

[36:34]  We grow in it gardens of date palms, and grapes, and we cause springs to gush out therein.

[36:35]  This is to provide them with fruits, and to let them manufacture with their own hands whatever they need. Would they be thankful?

[36:36]  Glory be to the One who created all kinds of plants from the earth, as well as themselves, and other creations that they do not even know.

[36:37]  Another sign for them is the night: we remove the daylight therefrom, whereupon they are in darkness.

[36:38]  The sun sets into a specific location, according to the design of the Almighty, the Omniscient.

[36:39]  The moon we designed to appear in stages, until it becomes like an old curved sheath.

[36:40]  The sun is never to catch up with the moon – the night and the day never deviate – each of them is floating in its own orbit.

[36:41]  Another sign for them is that we carried their ancestors on the loaded ark.

[36:42]  Then we created the same for them to ride in.

[36:43]  If we willed, we could have drowned them, so that their screaming would not be heard, nor could they be saved.

[36:44]  Instead, we shower them with mercy, and let them enjoy for awhile.

[36:45]  Yet, when they are told, “Learn from your past, to work righteousness for your future, that you may attain mercy,”

[36:46]  No matter what kind of proof is given to them from their Lord, they consistently disregard it.

[36:47]  When they are told, “Give from GOD‘s provisions to you,” those who disbelieve say to those who believe, “Why should we give to those whom GOD could feed, if He so willed? You are really far astray.”

[36:48]  They also challenge, “When will that promise come to pass, if you are truthful?”

[36:49]  All they see will be one blow that overwhelms them, while they dispute.

[36:50]  They will not even have time to make a will, nor will they be able to return to their people.

[36:51]  The horn will be blown, whereupon they will rise from the grave and go to their Lord.

[36:52]  They will say, “Woe to us. Who resurrected us from our death? This is what the Most Gracious has promised. The messengers were right.”

[36:53]  All it will take is one blow, whereupon they are summoned before us.

[36:54]  On that day, no soul will be wronged in the least. You will be paid precisely for whatever you did.

[36:55]  The dwellers of Paradise will be, on that day, happily busy.

[36:56]  They abide with their spouses in beautiful shade, enjoying comfortable furnishings.

[36:57]  They will have fruits therein; they will have anything they wish.

[36:58]  Greetings of peace from a Most Merciful Lord.

[36:59]  As for you, O guilty ones, you will be set aside.

[36:60]  Did I not covenant with you, O Children of Adam, that you shall not worship the devil? That he is your most ardent enemy?

[36:61]  And that you shall worship Me alone? This is the right path.

[36:62]  He has misled multitudes of you. Did you not possess any understanding?

[36:63]  This is the Hell that was promised for you.

[36:64]  Today you will burn in it, as a consequence of your disbelief.

[36:65]  On that day we will seal their mouths; their hands and feet will bear witness to everything they had done.

[36:66]  If we will, we can veil their eyes and, consequently, when they seek the path, they will not see.

[36:67]  If we will, we can freeze them in place; thus, they can neither move forward, nor go back.

[36:68]  Whomever we permit to live for a long time, we revert him to weakness. Do they not understand?

[36:69]  What we taught him (the messenger) was not poetry, nor is he (a poet). This is but a formidable proof, and a profound Quran.

[36:70]  To preach to those who are alive, and to expose the disbelievers.

[36:71]  Have they not seen that we created for them, with our own hands, livestock that they own?

[36:72]  And we subdued them for them; some they ride, and some they eat.

[36:73]  They derive other benefits from them, as well as drinks. Would they not be appreciative?

[36:74]  They set up beside GOD other gods, perhaps they can be of help to them!

[36:75]  On the contrary, they cannot help them; they end up serving them as devoted soldiers.

[36:76]  Therefore, do not be saddened by their utterances. We are fully aware of everything they conceal and everything they declare.

[36:77]  Does the human being not see that we created him from a tiny drop, then he turns into an ardent enemy?

[36:78]  He raises a question to us – while forgetting his initial creation – “Who can resurrect the bones after they had rotted?”

[36:79]  Say, “The One who initiated them in the first place will resurrect them. He is fully aware of every creation.”

[36:80]  He is the One who creates for you, from the green trees, fuel which you burn for light.

[36:81]  Is not the One who created the heavens and the earth able to recreate the same? Yes indeed; He is the Creator, the Omniscient.

[36:82]  All He needs to do to carry out any command is to say to it, “Be,” and it is.

[36:83]  Therefore, glory be to the One in whose hand is the sovereignty over all things, and to Him you will be returned.


Sura 37:  The Arrangers (Al-Saffat)

Number of verses in sura: 182

Order of revelation: 56

[37:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[37:1]  The arrangers in columns.

[37:2]  The blamers of those to be blamed.

[37:3]  The reciters of the messages.

[37:4]  Your god is only one.

[37:5]  The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, and Lord of the easts.

[37:6]  We have adorned the lowest heaven with adorning planets.

[37:7]  We guarded it from every evil devil.

[37:8]  They cannot spy on the High Society; they get bombarded from every side.

[37:9]  They have been condemned; they have incurred an eternal retribution.

[37:10]  If any of them ventures to charge the outer limits, he gets struck with a fierce projectile.

[37:11]  Ask them, “Are they more difficult to create, or the other creations?” We created them from wet mud.

[37:12]  While you are awed, they mock.

[37:13]  When reminded, they take no heed.

[37:14]  When they see proof, they ridicule it.

[37:15]  They say, “This is obviously magic!

[37:16]  “After we die and become dust and bones, do we get resurrected?

[37:17]  “Even our ancient ancestors?”

[37:18]  Say, “Yes, you will be forcibly summoned.”

[37:19]  All it takes is one nudge, whereupon they (stand up) looking.

[37:20]  They will say, “Woe to us; this is the Day of Judgment.”

[37:21]  This is the day of decision that you used to disbelieve in.

[37:22]  Summon the transgressors, and their spouses, and the idols they worshiped

[37:23]  beside GOD, and guide them to the path of Hell.

[37:24]  Stop them, and ask them:

[37:25]  “Why do you not help one another?”

[37:26]  They will be, on that day, totally submitting.

Mutual Blaming

[37:27]  They will come to each other, questioning and blaming one another.

[37:28]  They will say (to their leaders), “You used to come to us from the right side.”

[37:29]  They will respond, “It is you who were not believers.

[37:30]  “We never had any power over you; it is you who were wicked.

[37:31]  “We justly incurred our Lord’s judgment; now we have to suffer.

[37:32]  “We misled you, only because we were astray.”

[37:33]  Thus, together they will all partake of the retribution on that day.

[37:34]  This is how we requite the guilty.

[37:35]  When they were told, “Laa Elaaha Ella Allah [There is no other god beside GOD],” they turned arrogant.

[37:36]  They said, “Shall we leave our gods for the sake of a crazy poet?”

[37:37]  In fact, he has brought the truth, and has confirmed the messengers.

[37:38]  Most assuredly, you will taste the most painful retribution.

[37:39]  You are requited only for what you have done.

[37:40]  Only GOD‘s servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (will be saved).

[37:41]  They have deserved provisions that are reserved specifically for them.

[37:42]  All kinds of fruits. They will be honored.

[37:43]  In the gardens of bliss.

[37:44]  On furnishings close to one another.

[37:45]  Cups of pure drinks will be offered to them.

[37:46]  Clear and delicious for the drinkers.

[37:47]  Never polluted, and never exhausted.

[37:48]  With them will be wonderful companions.

[37:49]  Protected like fragile eggs.

[37:50]  They will come to each other, and confer with one another.

[37:51]  One of them will say, “I used to have a friend.

[37:52]  “He used to mock: `Do you believe all this?

[37:53]  ” `After we die and turn into dust and bones, do we get called to account?’ ”

[37:54]  He will say, “Just take a look!”

[37:55]  When he looks, he will see his friend in the heart of Hell.

[37:56]  He (will go to him and) say, “By GOD, you almost ruined me.

[37:57]  “If it were not for my Lord’s blessing, I would have been with you now.

[37:58]  “(Do you still believe) that we die,

[37:59]  “only the first death, and we never receive any requital?”

[37:60]  Such is the greatest triumph.

[37:61]  This is what every worker should work for.

[37:62]  Is this a better destiny, or the tree of bitterness?

[37:63]  We have rendered it a punishment for the transgressors.

[37:64]  It is a tree that grows in the heart of Hell.

[37:65]  Its flowers look like the devils’ heads.

[37:66]  They will eat from it until their bellies are filled up.

[37:67]  Then they will top it with a hellish drink.

[37:68]  Then they will return to Hell.

[37:69]  They found their parents astray.

[37:70]  And they blindly followed in their footsteps.

[37:71]  Most of the previous generations have strayed in the same manner.

[37:72]  We have sent to them warners.

[37:73]  Note the consequences for those who have been warned.

[37:74]  Only GOD‘s servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (are saved).

[37:75]  Thus, Noah called upon us, and we were the best responders.

[37:76]  We saved him and his family from the great disaster.

[37:77]  We made his companions the survivors.

[37:78]  And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:79]  Peace be upon Noah among the peoples.

[37:80]  We thus reward the righteous.

[37:81]  He is one of our believing servants.

[37:82]  We drowned all the others.

[37:83]  Among his followers was Abraham.

[37:84]  He came to his Lord wholeheartedly.

[37:85]  He said to his father and his people, “What are you worshiping?

[37:86]  “Is it these fabricated gods, instead of GOD, that you want?

[37:87]  “What do you think of the Lord of the universe?”

[37:88]  He looked carefully at the stars.

[37:89]  Then he gave up and said, “I am tired of this!”

[37:90]  They turned away from him.

[37:91]  He then turned on their idols, saying, “Would you like to eat?

[37:92]  “Why do you not speak?”

[37:93]  He then destroyed them.

[37:94]  They went to him in a great rage.

[37:95]  He said, “How can you worship what you carve?

[37:96]  “When GOD has created you, and everything you make!”

[37:97]  They said, “Let us build a great fire, and throw him into it.”

[37:98]  They schemed against him, but we made them the losers.

[37:99]  He said, “I am going to my Lord; He will guide me.”

[37:100]  “My Lord, grant me righteous children.”

[37:101]  We gave him good news of a good child.

[37:102]  When he grew enough to work with him, he said, “My son, I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?” He said, “O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient.”

[37:103]  They both submitted, and he put his forehead down (to sacrifice him).

[37:104]  We called him: “O Abraham.

[37:105]  “You have believed the dream.” We thus reward the righteous.

[37:106]  That was an exacting test indeed.

[37:107]  We ransomed (Ismail) by substituting an animal sacrifice.

[37:108]  And we preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:109]  Peace be upon Abraham.

[37:110]  We thus reward the righteous.

[37:111]  He is one of our believing servants.

[37:112]  Then we gave him the good news about the birth of Isaac, to be one of the righteous prophets.

[37:113]  We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants, some are righteous, and some are wicked transgressors.

[37:114]  We also blessed Moses and Aaron.

[37:115]  We delivered them and their people from the great disaster.

[37:116]  We supported them, until they became the winners.

[37:117]  We gave both of them the profound scripture.

[37:118]  We guided them in the right path.

[37:119]  We preserved their history for subsequent generations.

[37:120]  Peace be upon Moses and Aaron.

[37:121]  We thus reward the righteous.

[37:122]  Both of them were among our righteous servants.

[37:123]  Elias was one of the messengers.

[37:124]  He said to his people, “Would you not work righteousness?

[37:125]  “Do you worship a statue, instead of the Supreme Creator?

[37:126]  “GOD; your Lord, and the Lord of your forefathers!”

[37:127]  They disbelieved him. Consequently, they had to be called to account.

[37:128]  Only GOD‘s servants who are absolutely devoted to Him alone (are saved).

[37:129]  We preserved his history for subsequent generations.

[37:130]  Peace be upon Elias, and all those like Elias.

[37:131]  We thus reward the righteous.

[37:132]  He was one of our believing servants.

[37:133]  Lot was one of the messengers.

[37:134]  We saved him and all his family.

[37:135]  Only the old woman was doomed.

[37:136]  We annihilated all the others.

[37:137]  You still pass by their ruins by day.

[37:138]  And by night. Would you understand?

[37:139]  Jonah was one of the messengers.

[37:140]  He escaped to the loaded ship.

[37:141]  He rebelled and thus, he joined the losers.

[37:142]  Consequently, the fish swallowed him, and he was the one to blame.

[37:143]  If it were not that he resorted to meditation (on God),

[37:144]  he would have stayed in its belly until the Day of Resurrection.

[37:145]  We had him thrown up into the desert, exhausted.

[37:146]  We had a tree of edible fruit grown for him.

[37:147]  Then we sent him to a hundred thousand, or more.

[37:148]  They did believe, and we let them enjoy this life.

[37:149]  Ask them if your Lord have daughters, while they have sons!

[37:150]  Did we create the angels to be females? Did they witness that?

[37:151]  Indeed, they grossly blaspheme when they say –

[37:152]  “GOD has begotten a son.” Indeed, they are liars.

[37:153]  Did He choose the girls over the boys?

[37:154]  What is wrong with your logic?

[37:155]  Why do you not take heed?

[37:156]  Do you have any proof?

[37:157]  Show us your book, if you are truthful.

[37:158]  They even invented a special relationship between Him and the jinns. The jinns themselves know that they are subservient.

[37:159]  GOD be glorified; far above their claims.

[37:160]  Only GOD‘s servants who are devoted to Him alone (are saved).

[37:161]  Indeed, you and what you worship.

[37:162]  Cannot impose anything on Him.

[37:163]  Only you will burn in Hell.

[37:164]  Each one of us has a specific job.

[37:165]  We are the arrangers.

[37:166]  We have duly glorified (our Lord).

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