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Quran English Translation |Surah 24-26-An-Nur-Al-Furqan-Ash-Shuara

[24:60]  The elderly women who do not expect to get married commit nothing wrong by relaxing their dress code, provided they do not reveal too much of their bodies. To maintain modesty is better for them. GOD is Hearer, Knower.

[24:61]  The blind is not to be blamed, the crippled is not to be blamed, nor is the handicapped to be blamed, just as you are not to be blamed for eating at your homes, or the homes of your fathers, or the homes of your mothers, or the homes of your brothers, or the homes of your sisters, or the homes of your fathers’ brothers, or the homes of your fathers’ sisters, or the homes of your mothers’ brothers, or the homes of your mothers’ sisters, or the homes that belong to you and you possess their keys, or the homes of your friends. You commit nothing wrong by eating together or as individuals. When you enter any home, you shall greet each other a greeting from GOD that is blessed and good. GOD thus explains the revelations for you, that you may understand.

[24:62]  The true believers are those who believe in GOD and His messenger, and when they are with him in a community meeting, they do not leave him without permission. Those who ask permission are the ones who do believe in GOD and His messenger. If they ask your permission, in order to tend to some of their affairs, you may grant permission to whomever you wish, and ask GOD to forgive them. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[24:63]  Do not treat the messenger’s requests as you treat each others’ requests. GOD is fully aware of those among you who sneak away using flimsy excuses. Let them beware – those who disobey his orders – for a disaster may strike them, or a severe retribution.

[24:64]  Absolutely, to GOD belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. He fully knows every condition you may be in. The day you are returned to Him, He will inform them of everything they had done. GOD is fully aware of all things.


Sura 25:  The Statute Book (Al-Furqan)

Number of verses in sura: 77

Order of revelation: 42

[25:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[25:1]  Most blessed is the One who revealed the Statute Book to His servant, so he can serve as a warner to the whole world.

[25:2]  The One to whom belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He never had a son, nor does He have any partners in sovereignty. He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything.

[25:3]  Yet, they set up beside Him gods who do not create anything – they themselves are created – and who possess no power to even harm or benefit themselves, nor do they possess any power to control life, or death, or resurrection.

[25:4]  Those who disbelieved said, “This is a fabrication that he produced, with the help of some other people.” They have uttered a blasphemy and a falsehood.

[25:5]  They also said, “Tales from the past that he wrote down; they were dictated to him day and night.”

[25:6]  Say, “This was revealed by the One who knows the Secret in the heavens and the earth. He is Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

[25:7]  And they said, “How come this messenger eats the food and walks in the markets? If only an angel could come down with him, to serve with him as a preacher!”

[25:8]  Or, “If only a treasure could be given to him!” Or, “If only he could possess an orchard from which he eats!” The transgressors also said, “You are following a bewitched man.”

[25:9]  Note how they called you all kinds of names, and how this led them astray, never to find their way back.

[25:10]  Most blessed is the One who can, if He wills, give you much better than their demands – gardens with flowing streams, and many mansions.

[25:11]  In fact, they have disbelieved in the Hour (Day of Resurrection), and we have prepared for those who disbelieve in the Hour a flaming Hell.

[25:12]  When it sees them from afar, they will hear its rage and fuming.

[25:13]  And when they are thrown into it, through a narrow place, all shackled, they will declare their remorse.

[25:14]  You will not declare just a single remorse, on that day; you will suffer through a great number of remorses.

[25:15]  Say, “Is this better or the eternal Paradise that is promised for the righteous? It is their well deserved reward; a well deserved destiny.”

[25:16]  They get anything they wish therein, forever. This is your Lord’s irrevocable promise.

[25:17]  On the day when He summons them, together with the idols they had set up beside GOD, He will say, “Have you misled these servants of Mine, or did they go astray on their own?”

[25:18]  They will say, “Be You glorified, it was not right for us to set up any lords beside You. But You allowed them to enjoy, together with their parents. Consequently, they disregarded the message and thus became wicked people.”

[25:19]  They have disbelieved in the message you have given them, and, consequently, you can neither protect them from the retribution they have incurred, nor can you help them in any way. Anyone among you who commits evil, we will commit him to severe retribution.

[25:20]  We did not send any messengers before you who did not eat food and walk in the markets. We thus test you by each other; will you steadfastly persevere? Your Lord is Seer.

[25:21]  Those who do not expect to meet us said, “If only the angels could come down to us, or we could see our Lord (we would then believe)!” Indeed, they have committed a gross arrogance, and have produced a gross blasphemy.

[25:22]  The day they see the angels, it will not be good news for the guilty; they will say, “Now, we are irreversibly confined.”

[25:23]  We will look at all the works they have done, and render them null and void.

[25:24]  The dwellers of Paradise are far better on that day; they will hear better news.

[25:25]  The heaven will break apart, into masses of clouds, and the angels will descend in multitudes.

[25:26]  All sovereignty on that day belongs to the Most Gracious. For the disbelievers, it will be a difficult day.

[25:27]  The day will come when the transgressor will bite his hands (in anguish) and say, “Alas, I wish I had followed the path with the messenger.

[25:28]  “Alas, woe to me, I wish I did not take that person as a friend.

[25:29]  “He has led me away from the message after it came to me. Indeed, the devil lets down his human victims.”

[25:30]  The messenger said, “My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.”

[25:31]  We also set up against every prophet enemies from among the guilty. Your Lord suffices as a guide, a master.

[25:32]  Those who disbelieved said, “Why did not the Quran come through him all at once?” We have released it to you gradually, in order to fix it in your memory. We have recited it in a specific sequence.

[25:33]  Whatever argument they come up with, we provide you with the truth, and a better understanding.

[25:34]  Those who are forcibly summoned to Hell are in the worst position; they are the farthest from the right path.

[25:35]  We have given Moses the scripture, and appointed his brother Aaron to be his assistant.

[25:36]  We said, “Go, both of you, to the people who rejected our revelations,” and subsequently, we utterly annihilated the rejectors.

[25:37]  Similarly, when the people of Noah disbelieved the messengers, we drowned them, and we set them up as a sign for the people. We have prepared for the transgressors a painful retribution.

[25:38]  Also `Aad, Thamoud, the inhabitants of Al-Russ, and many generations between them.

[25:39]  To each of these groups, we delivered sufficient examples, before we annihilated them.

[25:40]  They have passed by the community that was showered with a miserable shower (Sodom). Did they not see it? The fact is, they never believed in resurrection.

[25:41]  When they saw you, they always ridiculed you: “Is this the one chosen by GOD to be a messenger?

[25:42]  “He almost diverted us from our gods, if it were not that we steadfastly persevered with them.” They will certainly find out, when they see the retribution, who are the real strayers from the path.

[25:43]  Have you seen the one whose god is his own ego? Will you be his advocate?

[25:44]  Do you think that most of them hear, or understand? They are just like animals; no, they are far worse.

[25:45]  Have you not seen how your Lord designed the shadow? If He willed, He could have made it fixed, then we would have designed the sun accordingly.

[25:46]  But we designed it to move slowly.

[25:47]  He is the One who designed the night to be a cover, and for you to sleep and rest. And He made the day a resurrection.

[25:48]  He is the One who sends the winds with good omens of His mercy, and we send down from the sky pure water.

[25:49]  With it, we revive dead lands and provide drink for our creations – multitudes of animals and humans.

[25:50]  We have distributed it among them in exact measure, that they may take heed. But most people insist upon disbelieving.

[25:51]  If we willed, we could have sent to every community a warner.

[25:52]  Therefore, do not obey the disbelievers, and strive against them with this, a great striving.

[25:53]  He is the One who merges the two seas; one is fresh and palatable, while the other is salty and undrinkable. And He separated them with a formidable, inviolable barrier (evaporation).

[25:54]  He is the One who created from water a human being, then made him reproduce through marriage and mating. Your Lord is Omnipotent.

[25:55]  Yet, they still set up beside GOD idols that cannot benefit them, nor harm them. Indeed, the disbeliever is an enemy of his Lord.

[25:56]  We have sent you (Rashad) as a deliverer of good news, as well as a warner.

[25:57]  Say, “I do not ask you for any money. All I seek is to help you find the right path to your Lord, if this is what you choose.”

[25:58]  You shall put your trust in the One who is Alive – the One who never dies – and praise Him and glorify Him. He is fully Cognizant of His creatures’ sins.

[25:59]  He is the One who created the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, in six days, then assumed all authority. The Most Gracious; ask about Him those who are well founded in knowledge.

[25:60]  When they are told, “Fall prostrate before the Most Gracious,” they say, “What is the Most Gracious? Shall we prostrate before what you advocate?” Thus, it only augments their aversion.

[25:61]  Most blessed is the One who placed constellations in the sky, and placed in it a lamp, and a shining moon.

[25:62]  He is the One who designed the night and the day to alternate: a sufficient proof for those who wish to take heed, or to be appreciative.

[25:63]  The worshipers of the Most Gracious are those who tread the earth gently, and when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace.

[25:64]  In the privacy of the night, they meditate on their Lord, and fall prostrate.

[25:65]  And they say, “Our Lord, spare us the agony of Hell; its retribution is horrendous.

[25:66]  “It is the worst abode; the worst destiny.”

[25:67]  When they give, they are neither extravagant nor stingy; they give in moderation.

[25:68]  They never implore beside GOD any other god, nor do they kill anyone – for GOD has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. Nor do they commit adultery. Those who commit these offenses will have to pay.

[25:69]  Retribution is doubled for them on the Day of Resurrection, and they abide therein humiliated.

[25:70]  Exempted are those who repent, believe, and lead a righteous life. GOD transforms their sins into credits. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

[25:71]  Those who repent and lead a righteous life, GOD redeems them; a complete redemption.

[25:72]  They do not bear false witness. When they encounter vain talk, they ignore it.

[25:73]  When reminded of their Lord’s revelations, they never react to them as if they were deaf and blind.

[25:74]  And they say, “Our Lord, let our spouses and children be a source of joy for us, and keep us in the forefront of the righteous.”

[25:75]  These are the ones who attain Paradise in return for their steadfastness; they are received therein with joyous greetings and peace.

[25:76]  Eternally they abide therein; what a beautiful destiny; what a beautiful abode.

[25:77]  Say, “You attain value at my Lord only through your worship. But if you disbelieve, you incur the inevitable consequences.”


Sura 26:  The Poets (Al-Shu`ara’)

Number of verses in sura: 227

Order of revelation: 47

[26:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[26:1]  T. S. M. (Ta, Seen, Mim)

[26:2]  These (letters) constitute proofs of this clarifying scripture.

[26:3]  You may blame yourself that they are not believers.

[26:4]  If we will, we can send from the sky a sign that forces their necks to bow.

[26:5]  Whenever a reminder from the Most Gracious comes to them, that is new, they turn away in aversion.

[26:6]  Since they disbelieved, they have incurred the consequences of their heedlessness.

[26:7]  Have they not seen the earth, and how many kinds of beautiful plants we have grown thereon?

[26:8]  This should be a sufficient proof for them, but most of them are not believers.

[26:9]  Most assuredly, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful.

[26:10]  Recall that your Lord called Moses: “Go to the transgressing people.

[26:11]  “Pharaoh’s people; perhaps they reform.”

[26:12]  He said, “My Lord, I fear lest they disbelieve me.

[26:13]  “I may lose my temper. My tongue gets tied; send for my brother Aaron.

[26:14]  “Also, they consider me a fugitive; I fear lest they kill me.”

[26:15]  He said, “No, (they will not). Go with My proofs. We will be with you, listening.

[26:16]  “Go to Pharaoh and say, `We are messengers from the Lord of the universe.’

[26:17]  ” `Let the Children of Israel go.’ ”

[26:18]  He said, “Did we not raise you from infancy, and you spent many years with us?

[26:19]  “Then you committed the crime that you committed, and you were ungrateful.”

[26:20]  He said, “Indeed, I did it when I was astray.

[26:21]  “Then I fled, when I feared you, and my Lord endowed me with wisdom and made me one of the messengers.

[26:22]  “You are boasting that you did me a favor, while enslaving the Children of Israel!”

[26:23]  Pharaoh said, “What is the Lord of the universe?”

[26:24]  He said, “The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them. You should be certain about this.”

[26:25]  He said to those around him, “Did you hear this?”

[26:26]  He said, “Your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors.”

[26:27]  He said, “Your messenger who is sent to you is crazy.”

[26:28]  He said, “The Lord of the east and the west, and everything between them, if you understand.”

[26:29]  He said, “If you accept any god, other than me, I will throw you in the prison.”

[26:30]  He said, “What if I show you something profound?”

[26:31]  He said, “Then produce it, if you are truthful.”

[26:32]  He then threw his staff, whereupon it became a profound snake.

[26:33]  And he took out his hand, and it was white to the beholders.

[26:34]  He said to the elders around him, “This is an experienced magician.

[26:35]  “He wants to take you out of your land, with his magic. What do you suggest?”

[26:36]  They said, “Respite him and his brother, and send summoners to every town.

[26:37]  “Let them summon every experienced magician.”

[26:38]  The magicians were gathered at the appointed time, on the appointed day.

[26:39]  The people were told: “Come one and all; let us gather together here.

[26:40]  “Maybe we will follow the magicians, if they are the winners.”

[26:41]  When the magicians came, they said to Pharaoh, “Do we get paid, if we are the winners?”

[26:42]  He said, “Yes indeed; you will even be close to me.”

[26:43]  Moses said to them “Throw what you are going to throw.”

[26:44]  They threw their ropes and sticks, and said, “By Pharaoh’s majesty, we will be the victors.”

[26:45]  Moses threw his staff, whereupon it swallowed what they fabricated.

[26:46]  The magicians fell prostrate.

[26:47]  They said, “We believe in the Lord of the universe.

[26:48]  “The Lord of Moses and Aaron.”

[26:49]  He said, “Did you believe with him before I give you permission? He must be your teacher, who taught you magic. You will surely find out. I will sever your hands and feet on alternate sides. I will crucify you all.”

[26:50]  They said, “This will not change our decision; to our Lord we will return.

[26:51]  “We hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins, especially that we are the first believers.”

[26:52]  We inspired Moses: “Travel with My servants; you will be pursued.”

[26:53]  Pharaoh sent to the cities callers.

[26:54]  (Proclaiming,) “This is a small gang.

[26:55]  “They are now opposing us.

[26:56]  “Let us all beware of them.”

[26:57]  Consequently, we deprived them of gardens and springs.

[26:58]  And treasures and an honorable position.

[26:59]  Then we made it an inheritance for the Children of Israel.

[26:60]  They pursued them towards the east.

[26:61]  When both parties saw each other, Moses’ people said, “We will be caught.”

[26:62]  He said, “No way. My Lord is with me; He will guide me.”

[26:63]  We then inspired Moses: “Strike the sea with your staff,” whereupon it parted. Each part was like a great hill.

[26:64]  We then delivered them all.

[26:65]  We thus saved Moses and all those who were with him.

[26:66]  And we drowned the others.

[26:67]  This should be a sufficient proof, but most people are not believers.

[26:68]  Most assuredly, your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful.

[26:69]  Narrate to them Abraham’s history.

[26:70]  He said to his father and his people, “What is this you are worshiping?”

[26:71]  They said, “We worship statues; we are totally devoted to them.”

[26:72]  He said, “Can they hear you when you implore?

[26:73]  “Can they benefit you, or harm you?”

[26:74]  They said, “No; but we found our parents doing this.”

[26:75]  He said, “Do you see these idols that you worship.

[26:76]  “You and your ancestors.

[26:77]  “I am against them, for I am devoted only to the Lord of the universe.

[26:78]  “The One who created me, and guided me.

[26:79]  “The One who feeds me and waters me.

[26:80]  “And when I get sick, He heals me.

[26:81]  “The One who puts me to death, then brings me back to life.

[26:82]  “The One who hopefully will forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment.

[26:83]  “My Lord, grant me wisdom, and include me with the righteous.

[26:84]  “Let the example I set for the future generations be a good one.

[26:85]  “Make me one of the inheritors of the blissful Paradise.

[26:86]  “And forgive my father, for he has gone astray.

[26:87]  “And do not forsake me on the Day of Resurrection.”

[26:88]  That is the day when neither money, nor children, can help.

[26:89]  Only those who come to GOD with their whole heart (will be saved).

[26:90]  Paradise will be presented to the righteous.

[26:91]  Hell will be set up for the strayers.

[26:92]  They will be asked, “Where are the idols you had worshiped

[26:93]  “beside GOD? Can they help you now? Can they help themselves?”

[26:94]  They will be thrown therein, together with the strayers.

[26:95]  And all of Satan’s soldiers.

[26:96]  They will say as they feud therein,

[26:97]  “By GOD, we were far astray.

[26:98]  “How could we set you up to rank with the Lord of the universe?

[26:99]  “Those who misled us were wicked.

[26:100]  “Now we have no intercessors.

[26:101]  “Nor a single close friend.

[26:102]  “If only we could get another chance, we would then believe.”

[26:103]  This should be a good lesson. But most people are not believers.

[26:104]  Your Lord is the Almighty, Most Merciful.

[26:105]  The people of Noah disbelieved the messengers.

[26:106]  Their brother Noah said to them, “Would you not be righteous?

[26:107]  “I am an honest messenger to you.

[26:108]  “You shall reverence GOD and obey me.

[26:109]  “I do not ask you for any wage. My wage comes from the Lord of the universe.

[26:110]  “You shall reverence GOD and obey me.”

[26:111]  They said, “How can we believe with you, when the worst among us have followed you?”

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