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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity

Some people have said this book changed their life: “I was a Hindu searching for the truth. Nabeel’s authentic testimony made me to realize the importance of the TRUTH, and how to analyze the Truth-‘the Best Explanation’. It touched most important topics of Christianity and also Islam. Gave me the overview about both the religions authentically(you can cross verify its claims). And led me to research and study more about CHRIST. Today I testify to everyone who reads this comment, I accepted LORD JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOUR.” Get the book.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Book

Another person has said: “Though in this life I couldn’t thank my brother Nabeel, I will thank him in next. Nabeel’s journey is interesting and shows a man that wrestled with the deep questions around faith and God,. Also showed the intersections of faith, family and culture. The book also helped me to understand key elements of Christian doctrine. He explained the trinity very well. Also explained some of the elements of the Muslim faith that I had no idea about! Well worth a read”!!! Get the book.

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