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Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam

This is a must read. I can not recommend this book enough. I have always had a love for God but also so much guilt, like I disappointed him. Of course I know of God’s mercy, it’s one of the names “Ar Rahim”. But this book did something inside me, the love I thought I had for our creator was solidified and multiplied, and the guilt I felt was warrantless. My heart was immediately put at ease. Allah loves us, and when you know that, REALLY know that by the use of direct aya and surahs from the Quran, poetry, Rumi, you begin to understand the true being and beauty of our religion. And when you truly understand Allah’s love, you strive to never want to disappoint. Get the book.

It does not surprise me how this beautiful mind and soul has come to such fruition. From enjoying her creative, spiritually inspiring poetry as she was growing up , to her mesmerizing speeches and discussions. I couldn’t have been more excited to purchase this wonderful book of hers. Her wisdom and love for the Divine is so magical in how she helps others to realize such a beautiful existence and how it can enlighten our minds and souls to a more greater depth, to be the shining light and guiding compass.

The book is a beautiful language of God’s love and self love. Filled with a compilation of stories from the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH), combined with poetry, mysticism, personal stories and much more .
It’s a wonderful and practical guide to a spiritual journey into the Heart of Islam. I would say it’s a beautiful read for anyone who’s longing to find that deeper connection with the Divine. Get the book.

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