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Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

Khurram Zaki was coldblooded in Karachi. SSP Jahanzeb Kakar was killed premeditatedly. Barrister Aman Ullah Achakzai was shot dead. Ahmedi doctor Khaliq Bashir had mercilessly been murdered. A prominent Qawwal Amjad Sabri has systematically removed from the earth. Nawab Khan Saafi a PMS Officer is no more with us. He got killed in Peshawar in a targeted assault. One, two, three, four, five, six.

The level of religious intolerance in Pakistan has touched the climax right now. Where no one has tolerance towards each other’s faith. They kill each other while labeling their counterparts are wrong because they share a minor dissimilarities in their faiths and way of life. But it doesn’t mean to justify someone’s killing on religious grounds.

Instigating violence by extremist Muslims

What is actually happening today in Pakistan is reprehensible at the ambit of humanity where human life is no more than the cost of a single bullet of sixty rupees in Pakistan.

A wise man once said, “I am not sure if Pakistan was created in the name of religion but I am sure it is being destroyed in the name of religion.” A well-known Qawwal Amjad Sabri’s unprecedented and untimely demise has shocked the entire nation with great grieves and torments. He was a symbol of love and patience.

Today, Pakistan is facing a — petrifying spate of religious intolerance — in an unabated style which has lingered the agonies of the folks from several decades. They have lost their kith and kin in the religiously motivated violence in the streets of Pakistan. Nonetheless, each sect accused the opposite as wrong to justify its faith as the divine one.

But what they have actually forgotten is that, their actions could have given birth merely to violence, bloodshed, incendiarism, bombing, targeted killings, sectarian terrorism, and kidnapping for ransom to generate illegal political economy of terrorism.

It is obvious that the government has failed utterly and vividly — while protecting the precious lives of its citizens, ranging from human rights activists, police, journalists, teachers, students, traders, artists and doctors. The bloody murderers and criminals are living in complete impunity.

Their hands are tainted with the blood of innocent civilians. The so-called NAP, NACTA, and the Army Court are just a showpiece and lay eggs for the boys’ breakfast. These have been endorsed for a limited success and made them parts of short domestic policy tools. But we need its full endorsement to wipe out these Takfiri terrorists and to get rid the society from their brutalities in order to live peacefully and calmly.

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