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Rashad Khalifa and his alleged God’s messengership

Initially I was quite convinced and impressed that Dr. Rashad Khalifa was a messenger of God but now I do not think he was a messenger of God. I think he believed so for himself mistakenly! I am not calling him a liar or imposter because anybody could be mistaken to follow any particular religion.

I have still good respect for Dr. Rashad Khalifa because religion itself is a very confused and complicated phenomenon due to the fact that religion is not an exact science (you cannot prove or disprove any particular religion scientifically) so Dr. Rashad could have been mistaken easily like many other prominent thinkers in different religions in the world.

Dr. Rashad Khalifa was preaching his religious believes peacefully so in that sense he was a much better religious person than so many fanatics and blind believers in the world. He at least tried hard to prove that, believe in God and serve God indeed make sense. Anyway, I do not think he was a messenger of God because of many reasons: few of them I am just highlighting briefly.

  1. Dr. Rashad believed devil becomes so much powerful that God is almost helpless so God allowed devil to mislead billions of people towards eternal hell! But the fact is that status of devil is no more than a single human being because God ordered devil and all angels to prostrate in front of Adam, our father. Every human being carries some part of divine God’s spirit and that is why human race is God’s very important creation and no less than angelic race. God can kill or neutralize devil (Satan) any moment so God definitely does not need to stage such cruel drama by using devil!

He argued that God created human race to prove in front of all angels that devil is a rebel of God and I believe this argument is really silly and ridiculous. We must know that God does not need to prove anything.

God is neither weak nor helpless in front of all angels. God is almighty, Creator of all lives in the universe, Creator of billions, billions, billions of galaxies, stars, planets etc. To prove that point (devil wanted to be a god beside God) God created human race and it is inevitable that billions of humans will be burnt in hell forever! What kind of believe Dr. Rashad rose about God?! This whole argument does not make any sense.

  1. Thousands or possibly millions of years passed already still devil does not realize that he cannot be a god beside God! God is still allowing devil to rule this earth to generate all those miseries! We can clearly see the big hole in Dr Rashad’s arguments here! If we do not apply and follow logic, we will be blind believers and a blind believer can believe anything for any reason! Blind believing itself can make your life a living hell! So, you have to apply high level of honesty, logic and reason to get God’s guidance, that’s so much important.
  2. He claimed too much on his mathematical structural discovery of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad himself did not understand the so-called mathematical miracle of the Quran. Did Prophet Muhammad and his prominent companions have any problem to follow the God’s guidance in the Quran without understanding that so-called miracle?
  3. Even last 1400 years nobody knew about the so-called miracle, so should we assume that God kept all humankind in dark during the last 1400 years? Last 1400 years God deprived billions of humans to get His guidance?! So that nonsensical argument undoubtedly proves the fact that so-called mathematical miracle is nothing much important even though some aspects could be interesting to know.
  4. Nowhere in the Quran God says that, in particular mathematical ways 19 number is the protector of the Quran. So why does so much fuss about that 19 number?! Based on that 19 number it was unnecessary to remove two verses of the Quran;  that controversial decision created terrible debate among Muslims around the world which might eventually cost Dr Rashad life in a very sad way.  Of course, Dr Rashad had full right to preach his thoughts and believes peacefully and nobody had right to harm him in any way. Anyway, here I have just updated my honest understanding on this issue; of course you are free to follow peacefully whatever you believe.

Anisur Rahman (PhD), July 22, 2014.


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