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Quran Learning – In Historical and Scientific Prospects

The Holy Quran is the gift of Allah and is revealed for the beneficial of mankind. It shows them path to fulfill their ultimate goal. Now what is the ultimate goal of a human life? Our ultimate goal is not constrained only to the success of this world; it is far beyond that. As a Muslim we must believe in life after death and our ultimate goal is to success in both lives. Holy Quran contains all the rules and regulations which are necessary for our success. Quran learning is a backbone for our success in both lives. We cannot even think of our success without Quran learning.

A universal Book
Although Quran is a religious book of Muslims, yet it contains a lesson for all over the world. Anyone can get benefit by Quran learning. Beside religion, Quran has many historical and religious prospects. Although there are many other religious books yet Quran is the only authenticated book, which contains the accurate knowledge.

It is the only book whose protector is Allah Himself. It covers all history of human life. It shows us that how that world came into being and how man was sent to the earth. It reveals the purpose of sending man and other creature on the earth.

Quran and Science
Quran contains a lot of information for scientists and researchers. Quran itself urges man to research and uncover the secrets of universe. Scientists are discovering phenomena which have being described in Quran fourteen hundred years before. The fact of movement of stars and planets in an orbit has been revealed in Quran.

Now many non-Muslim scientists are researching Quran to know about different phenomena of that universe. Quran has told us that the universe is expanding and science has discovered that phenomena after fourteen hundred years. Doctors are researching Quran for the treatment of many complicated diseases.

History in Quran
Quran learning is the only way to know something about ourselves. A person who cannot recognize himself can never find Allah. Quran gives us clear and significant signs of existence of Allah. Man himself is a sign of Allah. Quran provide such logics that even a disbeliever cannot deny them. Quran teaches us lessons by describing the lives of peoples of different eras. Quran provides us the criteria of success and failure.

It contains detail history of all the happenings of that universe. It tells us that how followers were being blessed and how doom fell upon the people who were distracted from the right path. Quran describe that how marvelous dynasties were destroyed in earth, sky and oceans due to their denial.
Quran learning is the only way through which we can enlighten our lives with the true spirit of Islam. Every one of us should be eager to learn Quran so that we can compete with others in that world and to face Allah with pride in afterworld.

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