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The Quran (Koran) English Translation by Rashad Khalifa, PhD

Dr. Rashad Khalifa was a native Arab so he might have an advantageous position to translate the Quran as compared to non-Arab Quran translators. Also he always used very simple language which makes easy to read and understand the Quran. However, translation of the Quran is not the exact Quran so  translation cannot be error free nor free from language or understanding shortcomings.

So if any dispute rose, one should go to the original Arabic Koran. We are not saying Rashad’s Quran translation is the best one but due to the simplicity of his language, we believe it would be easy to get a good start for anybody to understand the Quran.

You may always consider to read and compare other good Quran translations. We believe that the claim of the “authentic Quran translation” of Rashad Khalifa’s is not fair; that is an exaggerated claim. For an advanced Quran follower, one particular Quran translation is definitely not enough. God bless.

Surah 1-2 – Al-Fatihah-Al-Baqarah Surah 2–Al-Baqarah Surah 2-3 –Al-Baqarah- Al-Imran Surah 3 –Al-Imran
Surah 4 An-Nisa Surah 4-5 An-Nisa- Al-Ma’idah Surah 5-6-Al-Ma’idah- Al-An’am Surah 6-Al-An’am
Surah 7-Al-A’raf Surah 7-8-Al-A’raf-Al-Anfal Surah 8-9-Al-Anfal-At-Taubah Surah 9-10-At-Taubah-Yunus
Surah 11-12-Hud-Yusuf Surah 12-13-Yusuf-Ar-Ra’d Surah 14-15-Ibrahim-Al-Hijr Surah 16-An-Nahl
Surah 17-18-Al-Isra-Al-Kahf Surah 18-20-Al-Kahf- Maryam- Ta-Ha Surah 20-21 Ta-Ha-Al-Anbiya Surah 21-22-Al-Anbiya-Al-Haj
Surah 23-24-Al-Muminun- An-Nur Surah 24-26-An-Nur-Al-Furqan-Ash-Shuara Surah 26-27-Ash-Shuara-An-Naml Surah 28-29-Al-Qasas-Al-Ankabut
Surah 30-33-Ar-Rum-Luqman-As-Sajdah-Al-Ahzab Surah 33-36-Al-Ahzab-Saba-Al-Fatir-Ya-Sin Surah 36-37-Ya-Sin-As-Saffah Surah 37-39-Saffah-Sad-Az-Zumar
Surah 40-42-Ghafar-Fusilat-Ash-Shura Surah 42-44-Ash-Shura-Az-Zukhruf- Ad-Dukhan Surah 45-48 Surah 48-51
Surah 52-55 Surah 55-59 Surah 60-68 Surah 68-72
Surah 73-77 Surah 78-83 Surah 84-92 Surah 93-114

You may also compare different English Quran translations on a single platform here: Quran multiple translations.

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