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Quran and Modern Science: Can It Prove God’s Existence?

Are you a sincere and honest truth seeker? God and religion issues are always very complicated because God or any particular religion cannot directly be proved by any laboratory experiment. However, that does not mean that God (Allah in Arabic) or religion issue is silly. It only proves that God is very mysterious and science or anybody cannot fully comprehend God. Science has enormous limitations in this regard. Can human beings comprehend the vastness and complexities of the Universe, let alone God Who created it? Get the book.

The Quran and Science book
The Quran and Science

So even if you win a Nobel Prize in science, you must be very humble! The topic of God is so complex and mysterious that one can find many top-ranking scientists around the globe are atheist. Of course many top-ranking scientists believe in God too. Being an internationally reputed scientist of applied physics, the author honestly examines scientific aspects of the Quran, Islam’s topmost holy book, and finds that many verses of the Quran indeed contain modern scientific facts. Around 1400 years before nobody knew those scientific laws. Therefore, the Quran confirms not only the existence of God but also authenticates the fact that Muhammad was indeed a messenger of God. Get the book.

In the final section, the author also very briefly addresses a crucial issue: if God is true, if Islam is true, if Prophet Muhammad is true how we could solve extremism, radicalism and blind belief in Islam. No doubt blind belief is very dangerous, useless and misleading. God is the most kind and most merciful and He loves humanity no doubt, so He definitely does not want to see human suffering, bloodshed and carnage in the name of God. If we know God exists (there are enough scientific proofs and evidences in the book) then we should promote what God wants us to do: love, tolerance, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, truthfulness, honesty and charity. Thank you and may God bless you. Get the book.

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