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A prescription of a non-Muslim: how a Muslim can really be a peaceful one!

As an Indian non-muslim who has observed Muslims for over 20 years, I can suggest the following:

You can explain to the people by being a good Muslim.

Don’t try to preach Islam to them, or

Try to in any way suggest that Islam is the greatest religion, or

Try to conclude that others’ religion is wrong.

Don’t encourage conversion to Islam and instead propagate the altruistic idea of all religions being equal.

Don’t judge women for their clothing, don’t suggest that they should cover their skins according to your sensibilities, don’t harrass them for their choices.

Don’t offer namaz at public places obstructing the traffic or on pavements. Offer namaz at your home instead or in a mosque.

Don’t slaughter any animal on Eid since Islam is religion of peace and bloodshed indicates violence.

Don’t support sharia law over the law of the land viz. the constitution of the country where you reside.

Don’t support hijab for Muslim women. Let them wear what they prefer.

Oppose this fallacy that men are allowed to beat their wives.

Observe allMuslimfestivals but refrain from celebrating those rituals which promote bloodshed or violence like Muharram or Goat sacrifice during Eid.

Observe all good Islamic virtues like donating to the poor, helping the needy, feeding the hungry etc.

Condemn ISIS and Al Qaeda and other terror outfits. Don’t classify them as bad terrorists or good terrorists or try to suggest that ISIS is a creation of America.

If Muslims start doing the above mentioned things, I am sure people would not afraid of Islam and Islam would be believed to be a religion of peace, love and tolerance.

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