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Muslims in America

Notwithstanding TLC’s cancellation of the reality show, “All-American Muslim”, because it didn’t portray reality and because the Muslims depicted weren’t as much Americans as they were Islamists, Muslims have been making inroads into American society and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Just a few examples of growing Islamic influence in America: Muslim schoolkids are given preferences over non-Muslims in New York City schools and elsewhere; Twitter just closed down accounts critical of Syrian dictator Assad on request of his wife; and the Black Muslim official newspaper characterized Glenn Beck as “a minion of the synagogue of Satan” for daring to intimate that President Barack Hussein Obama’s life could be in danger.

True, Islamists occasionally overstep but, for the most part, they are granted special treatment mainly due to the mainstream media’s fear of violent and bloody Muslim retaliation should the MSM report extensively on such horrors as “mercy killings” or treat Islamists with the same disdain they treat Christians.

One Muslim, the black racist leader of the subversive Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, knows no bounds when it comes to spewing his extremist views but he recently discovered that even the students and faculty at one of the most liberal universities in the country have their limits of tolerance.

Last Saturday, Farrakhan addressed an audience of some 600 at the University of California Berkeley where they are accustomed to applauding subversion and anti-Americanism. However, he crossed the PC line when he launched into a tirade against his favorite punching bag, Jews.

Why his virulently anti-Semitic rant came as a surprise to the audience is mystifying since Farrakhan has lambasted Jews for decades and has called Judaism “a gutter religion” and worse. He has also called Obama both a “murderer” and an “assassin.”

None of that vile background bothered Berkeley sufficiently to disinvite Farrakhan from speaking on its taxpayer-subsidized campus.

The only rational explanation for the shock is that Berkeley has been so immersed in hateful, radical thought toward conservatism for so long that the students and faculty are oblivious of the reality that the primary source of virulent hatred in our country consistently emanates from America’s leftists.

The occasion for Farrakhan’s latest diatribe was Berkeley’s “Afrikan Black Coalition Conference.”

He began his speech by saying students should depend on themselves for jobs, a reasonable suggestion. He then veered into his true purpose by urging students to learn more about black history, a redundant urging since Berkeley is awash in courses on black history, historical discrimination by whites, white racism, et al.

He also endorsed a book that contends Jews dominated the slave trade in America and that Jews control our media and government, obvious turn-offs to Jewish students in the audience even though those contentions have more than some basis in fact.

On the other side of the race aisle, UC Berkeley ASUC Senator Noah Ickowitz tore into that allegation as “just so hateful and horrible,” to which Farrakhan responded, “This is not hate, this is actual facts.”

UC President Mark Yudof, obviously provoked by Farrakhan’s vitriol, chimed in by denouncing Farrakhan as “provocative” and “divisive,” as if that were news, as if he didn’t know beforehand who and what the Black Muslim was.

Yudof also self-righteously declared that “we cannot, as a society or as a university community, be provoked by hurtful speech to retreat from the cherished value of free speech.”

Stephan Montouth, a member of UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union said, “What I got out of it was how we as black students can take our education and utilize it to build the black community back up. We’re looking at the minister’s statements in terms of how to empower the black community not all of the other controversial things that he may have said in the past.”

Good thinking, Messrs Yudof and Montouth! Disregard Louis Farrakhan’s long history of venom toward America, toward Jews, and toward all whites and focus on un-trammeled free speech and black empowerment devoid of responsibility, a sure route to societal chaos and race warfare.

President Obama, who has never criticized Farrakhan for his inflammatory remarks, would be proud of Yudof and Montouth because they’re ignoramuses who can’t tell the difference between free speech and black racism.



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