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Muslim Marriage – Customs and Traditions

Islam is an Abrahamic religion which is expressed by the holy Quran that serves to be the religious book for the followers. This religion is followed by many devotees all around the world who are known as Muslims.

Marriage in Muslims is a sacred institution that bonds two individuals in a pious relationship for a lifetime. There are many customs involved in a typical Muslim Marriage. Following section will provide you a brief overview about customs and traditions of a Muslim Marriage:

Meher can be defined as a formal statement that makes bride eligible to receive a fixed amount of money from her Groom throughout her married life.

This contract divides Meher into two parts that includes monitory benefits like money, jewelry and even education. The first part of Meher is given to Bride before Marriage while the rest amount is given to her after regular intervals during her married life.

In Muslims, Marriage is known as Nikah and it is the main Wedding ceremony. This ceremony involves the signing of Marriage contract which is known as Nikah-Nama. This Nikah-Nama includes the Meher Statement and is a document that concludes a Muslim Wedding.

Two male witnesses also have two sign the Nikah-Nama. The Bride and Groom also have to recite the Arabic word “Qubool Hai” which means “accept” after the Maulvi asks them whether they accept each other as Husband and Wife. In few Muslim Marriages men and women are separated during the ceremony and a wali acts as mediator between the Bride and Groom.

In Muslims vows are not recited by the couple and they just have to listen to them when the Maulvi recites. In this part of a Muslim Nikah, Fatihah (first chapter of Quran) and Durood (blessings) are recited by the Maulvi. These vows define the Bride’s and Groom’s responsibility towards each other, their family and Allah or the “Almighty God.”

Liberal Muslim Marriages
In earlier days usually the elders fixed Marriage between two individuals and in most cases the Bride and Groom get to see each other after the Wedding ceremony. The scenario has considerably changed nowadays as now Muslim families are more liberal to the idea of introducing Bride and Groom before marriage.

Even the search for the bride and groom has also become advanced as people are increasingly opting for Online Matrimonial Sites. These Matrimonial Sites provide a huge database of Matrimonial Profiles that belong to eligible people of various religions. Muslim families are nowadays preferring these Matrimonial Sites to search for suitable bride or groom for their children.

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