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The most profitable work

Peace be upon you,

I would like to urge genuine Muslims to work very hard to propagate the true Islam, the religion of peace, love, kindness, forgiveness and charity.  Many people have huge amount of money, many people have a lot of good academic degrees and doing good jobs but most of them are not really doing righteous works. So, those people are unfortunate, as per the Quran. Only very few most blessed ones  are those who believe in God and do the righteous works.

If you are a billionaire, it makes little sense as most of your money is useless in your life and anytime you can die once and forever. Human being is not just a money making machine! If you are most powerful person like US president, for example, same fate is waiting for you too. If you are very smart like Albert Einstein still you must face the same fate.

[The Quran 6:32]  The life of this world is no more than illusion and vanity, while the abode of the Hereafter is far better for the righteous. Do you not understand?!

So, true Muslims should work hard to preach the holy Quran and try to send true Quranic and Islamic messages to as many people as you can via as many ways as possible. It is a huge struggle but it is the best profitable and meaningful work. You just need a good amount of money to have a decent life here and spend rest of your time and effort for the cause of God.

You need to reach to as many people as you can via different ways and means and preach the true Islam which our beloved prophet Muhammad (s) taught us through his best examples. Prophet Muhammad’s kindness, love, forgiveness, charity work etc. are the best examples for all good Muslims.

In fact Prophet Muhammad was sent by God as a mercy for entire mankind, the Quran confirms. As the followers of the prophet, we should be, to some extent, mercy for mankind too, right? In this way, we can really honor our beloved prophet Muhammad. Thank you and may God (Allah) bless you.

Dr Anisur Rahman. PhD


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