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In the midst of crossfire of fanatic groups

Dear all,

For, especially all progressive minded people, it is crucial to be vigilant for all those blind believing fanatic groups so that they cannot turn Bangladesh into Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. Those Taliban, Al-Qaeda, JMB, Jamat, IOJ etc. have same ideology, they are extremist and misguided Muslims – some are more extreme than others. The holy Quran does not promote violence and hatred towards any people.

When Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989, different extremist groups there started to fight and kill each other!! You might notice that in Bangladesh several extremist groups exist (such as, jamat, JMB, IOJ, chormonai pir group, hefajot etc.)  and they hate each other very much!!

So, if we leave them alone when a favorable time for them will come, they will start to fight with each other and we all peace-loving people can be in the midst of crossfire what exactly happened after leaving Soviet troops from Afghanistan in 1989.

So we must be careful vigilant for not only Jamat but also for all other extremist groups in Bangladesh. Personally we don’t hate any human being regardless of one’s religious believe but we cannot allow extremists to compromise safely and security of any peace loving people. It is our social and humanistic duty to curb those fanatics. Those extremist and misguided groups are tarnishing the image of Islam and Muslim so badly everywhere in the world.

A Rahman

On Thu, 11/10/11, Muhammad Ali < > wrote

Dear All,

October 28 , 2006 is a BLACK DAY to remember . On that day, the heinous Jamat-Shibir in a planned way attacked the peace loving people of Bangladesh. With support of the 4 party alliance police forces , they created havoc and attacked the peaceful meeting of 14 party alliances with arms and lethal weapons. They did all these in the name of religion !

Their main goal was to destroy Bangladesh and creat another Afganishtan. Now time has come to wipe off Jamat-Shibir from Bangladesh . We don’t have any place for Jamat-Shibir or any religious extremist groups in our beloved Country. Please watch the attached YouTube clips to know the true story of October 28, 2006.




Dr. Muhammad Ali Manik

US Awami League.


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