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Methods in Receiving a US Green Card

So you’re about to obtain a Green card? If you are, you ought to be capable of identifying what method you shall use to have your card as quickly as possible. To help you to get started along with your application, listed below are the different methods how you can apply for a card. After dealing with this informative article, you need to be in a position to spot what sort of eligibility you have..

Method #1: Permanent Resident Card through Employment and Sponsorship

If you’re currently working, or been employed by using a US company, you are entitled to apply for a card. You don’t need to be the employer to try to get a Permanent Resident card and doesn’t need to be employed during the job. An additional advantage of having this card through employment is that you don’t spend even just a penny or anything at all for your process. Your employer pays it to suit your needs. With this type of eligibility, you receive a job and the card at the same time!

Method #2: Green Card via an Immediate Relative

Just to reiterate, you’ll want direct/ immediate relative to get a card using this method. So if you have a sibling or parent permanently surviving in the US, it is possible to file your application and comply with necessary requirements set for through the authority.

Method #3: Permanent Resident card through Marriage

It’s great if you are married or potential married using a US citizen since it will be really simple to get a card. If you are applying directly in the USA, the process might take for 12 to 18 months nevertheless, you can begin to reside and work there already. If you’re married to a card holder, you and the children (for those who have) can travel and stay in the USA with your spouse while you’re having your Green Card process.

Method #4: Green card through Drawing of Lots

You heard it right. If you aren’t permitted apply with all the first three methods, then you can certainly try your luck to get the card from the Green card lottery. Under this system, 50,000 permanent resident visas will be granted to 50,000 people by way of a random selection or lottery.

Other solutions to have a card include refugees and asylum immigrants, card for amnesty, special immigrants such as religious worker, foreign employees for considerable time frame, foreign agricultural workers, as well as other special immigrants as deemed eligible from the US government.

Andrew Yast is an immigration adviser residing in Provo, Utah. He is an expert in fulfilling step-by-step Green Card process and facts on getting on your green card. There are many ways in obtaining a Green card, they are thru marriage, immediate relative and Green card lottery. For more information, visit http://www.greencardprocessing.com/


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