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Merciful God and Eternal Hell: Contradiction or Puzzle?

No doubt on the fact that God is the most merciful; nobody could be as merciful as God. The Quran confirms this fact numerous times. Apparently there are many verses of the Quran saying that Hell is eternal, its torment and torture is unthinkable and it will be filled by the disbelievers. It apparently seems that God is most merciful and God is most merciless at the same time! Many people especially, rational and logically thinking people get very confused in this regard which is a big hindrance for great religion like Islam. What is the mystery here? Do Quran and other Islamic sources give a logical solution? This book gives a logical and Quranic solution. Get the book.

Merciful God and Eternal Hell Book

The inevitable question rises if God is the most merciful how come God will burn the disbelievers in hell forever when they committed sins for a very limited life span on the Earth. The author has discussed this crucial issue based on Islamic sources, science, rationality and logic. Nobody should believe anything blindly so whenever we doubt we should explore the subject in depth. The answer, resolution and conclusion on some issues might surprise you! Get the book.

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