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Large Muslim Population in Europe

Islam is regarded as the second largest religion in the world. It is also the fastest growing religion in America and European countries. There are many reasons for this growing Muslims. The biggest of all is the teachings of Islamic brotherhood and peace.

The people who are converting to Islam in these countries are not very much satisfied by the life that they have spent in past and they are mostly listen saying that there is something missing in their life.

This leads them to search for internal peace in their lives and this is the time when they feel that Islam has all the ingredients to live happy and satisfied life in this world and hereafter.

The other big reason of increased number of Muslims in Europe is the immigration. You can see that most of the Muslim countries in Asia and Africa do not have enough resources to fulfill the requirements of their people. So this situation forces these people to move to European countries in search of better living facilities as well as for money.

The other thing is that there are some Muslim countries too in Europe. So when you say Europe, you cannot exclude these countries. For example Albania has more 70% of Muslim livings in the country. Same way Kosovo has about 89.6% of Muslim population.

These are small countries but still make parts of Europe. According to the U.N. estimation if the situation remains the same then in year 2040 Muslims are 55% of total population of Europe.
The other reason that is seen a major factor in increasing the Muslims in the Europe and all over the world is the birth rate. It is said that Muslim will increased doubled as compare to the non Muslims in the next two decades because the Muslim population is 1.5% annual as compare to the 0.7% birth rate of Non-Muslims.

In case this keep on going the same way then in 2030 Muslims will have 26.4% of total projected population of world that is estimated to be 2030. In 2010 Muslim population is about 23.4% of the total world population which was 6.9 billion at that time.
In the coming years there will more migration expect into Northern and Western European countries. The reason for this is that the countries in this region are already high percentage of Muslims population. In this region Muslim is approaching for double digit percentage so new Muslims can be easily adjusted there.

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