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Quran English Translation |Surah 78-83

Sura 78:  The Event (Al-Naba’)

Number of verses in sura: 40

Order of revelation: 80

[78:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[78:1]  What are they questioning?

[78:2]  The great event.

[78:3]  That is disputed by them.

[78:4]  Indeed, they will find out.

[78:5]  Most assuredly, they will find out.

[78:6]  Did we not make the earth habitable?

[78:7]  And the mountains stabilizers?

[78:8]  We created you as mates (for one another).

[78:9]  We created sleeping so you can rest.

[78:10]  We made the night a cover.

[78:11]  And the day to seek provisions.

[78:12]  We built above you seven universes.

[78:13]  We created a bright lamp.

[78:14]  We send down from the clouds pouring water.

[78:15]  To produce with it grains and plants.

[78:16]  And various orchards.

[78:17]  The Day of Decision is appointed.

[78:18]  The day the horn is blown, and you come in throngs.

[78:19]  The heaven will be opened like gates.

[78:20]  The mountains will be removed, as if they were a mirage.

[78:21]  Gehenna is inevitable.

[78:22]  For the transgressors; it will be their abode.

[78:23]  They stay in it for ages.

[78:24]  They never taste in it coolness, nor a drink.

[78:25]  Only an inferno, and bitter food.

[78:26]  A just requital.

[78:27]  They never expected to be held accountable.

[78:28]  And utterly rejected our signs.

[78:29]  We counted everything in a record.

[78:30]  Suffer the consequences; we will only increase your retribution.

[78:31]  The righteous have deserved a reward.

[78:32]  Orchards and grapes.

[78:33]  Magnificent spouses.

[78:34]  Delicious drinks.

[78:35]  They will never hear in it any nonsense or lies.

[78:36]  A reward from your Lord; a generous recompense.

[78:37]  Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them. The Most Gracious. No one can abrogate His decisions.

[78:38]  The day will come when the Spirit and the angels will stand in a row. None will speak except those permitted by the Most Gracious, and they will utter only what is right.

[78:39]  Such is the inevitable day. Whoever wills let him take refuge in his Lord.

[78:40]  We have sufficiently warned you about an imminent retribution. That is the day when everyone will examine what his hands have sent forth, and the disbeliever will say, “Oh, I wish I were dust.”


Sura 79:  The Snatchers (Al-Naaze`aat)

Number of verses in sura: 46

Order of revelation: 81

[79:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[79:1]  The (angels who) snatch (the souls of the disbelievers) forcibly.

[79:2]  And those who gently take (the souls of the believers) joyfully.

[79:3]  And those floating everywhere.

[79:4]  Eagerly racing with one another –

[79:5]  to carry out various commands.

[79:6]  The day the quake quakes.

[79:7]  Followed by the second blow.

[79:8]  Certain minds will be terrified.

[79:9]  Their eyes will be subdued.

[79:10]  They will say, “We have been recreated from the grave!

[79:11]  “How did this happen after we had turned into rotten bones?”

[79:12]  They had said, “This is an impossible recurrence.”

[79:13]  All it takes is one nudge.

[79:14]  Whereupon they get up.

[79:15]  Have you known about the history of Moses?

[79:16]  His Lord called him at the holy valley of Tuwaa.

[79:17]  “Go to Pharaoh; he has transgressed.”

[79:18]  Tell him, “Would you not reform?

[79:19]  “Let me guide you to your Lord, that you may turn reverent.”

[79:20]  He then showed him the great miracle.

[79:21]  But he disbelieved and rebelled.

[79:22]  Then he turned away in a hurry.

[79:23]  He summoned and proclaimed.

[79:24]  He said, “I am your Lord; most high.”

[79:25]  Consequently, GOD committed him to the retribution in the Hereafter, as well as in the first life.

[79:26]  This is a lesson for the reverent.

[79:27]  Are you more difficult to create than the heaven? He constructed it.

[79:28]  He raised its masses, and perfected it.

[79:29]  He made its night dark, and brightened its morn.

[79:30]  He made the earth egg-shaped.

[79:31]  From it, He produced its own water and pasture.

[79:32]  He established the mountains.

[79:33]  All this to provide life support for you and your animals.

[79:34]  Then, when the great blow comes.

[79:35]  That is the day when the human will remember everything he did.

[79:36]  Hell will be brought into existence.

[79:37]  As for the one who transgressed.

[79:38]  Who was preoccupied with this life.

[79:39]  Hell will be the abode.

[79:40]  As for the one who reverenced the majesty of his Lord, and enjoined the self from sinful lusts.

[79:41]  Paradise will be the abode.

[79:42]  They ask you about the Hour, and when it will take place!

[79:43]  It is not you (Muhammad) who is destined to announce its time.

[79:44]  Your Lord decides its fate.

[79:45]  Your mission is to warn those who expect it.

[79:46]  The day they see it, they will feel as if they lasted one evening or half a day.


Sura 80:  He Frowned (`Abasa)

Number of verses in sura: 42

Order of revelation: 24

[80:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[80:1]  He (Muhammad) frowned and turned away.

[80:2]  When the blind man came to him.

[80:3]  How do you know? He may purify himself.

[80:4]  Or he may take heed, and benefit from the message.

[80:5]  As for the rich man.

[80:6]  You gave him your attention.

[80:7]  Even though you could not guarantee his salvation.

[80:8]  The one who came to you eagerly.

[80:9]  And is really reverent.

[80:10]  You ignored him.

[80:11]  Indeed, this is a reminder.

[80:12]  Whoever wills shall take heed.

[80:13]  In honorable scriptures.

[80:14]  Exalted and pure.

[80:15]  (Written) by the hands of messengers.

[80:16]  Who are honorable and righteous.

[80:17]  Woe to the human being; he is so unappreciative!

[80:18]  What did He create him from?

[80:19]  From a tiny drop, He creates him and designs him.

[80:20]  Then He points out the path for him.

[80:21]  Then He puts him to death, and into the grave.

[80:22]  When He wills, He resurrects him.

[80:23]  He shall uphold His commandments.

[80:24]  Let the human consider his food!

[80:25]  We pour the water generously.

[80:26]  Then we split the soil open.

[80:27]  We grow in it grains.

[80:28]  Grapes and pasture.

[80:29]  Olives and palms.

[80:30]  A variety of orchards.

[80:31]  Fruits and vegetables.

[80:32]  To provide life support for you and your animals.

[80:33]  Then, when the blow comes to pass.

[80:34]  That is the day when one flees from his brother.

[80:35]  From his mother and father.

[80:36]  From his spouse and children.

[80:37]  Each one of them, on that day, worries about his own destiny.

[80:38]  Some faces on that day will be happy.

[80:39]  Laughing and joyful.

[80:40]  Other faces, on that day, will be covered with misery.

[80:41]  Overwhelmed by remorse.

[80:42]  These are the wicked disbelievers.


Sura 81:  The Rolling (Al-Takweer)

Number of verses in sura: 29

Order of revelation: 7

[81:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[81:1]  When the sun is rolled.

[81:2]  The stars are crashed into each other.

[81:3]  The mountains are wiped out.

[81:4]  The reproduction is halted.

[81:5]  The beasts are summoned.

[81:6]  The oceans are set aflame.

[81:7]  The souls are restored to their bodies.

[81:8]  The girl who was buried alive is asked:

[81:9]  For what crime was she killed?

[81:10]  The records are made known.

[81:11]  The heaven is removed.

[81:12]  Hell is ignited.

[81:13]  Paradise is presented.

[81:14]  Every soul will know everything it brought.

[81:15]  I solemnly swear by the galaxies.

[81:16]  Precisely running in their orbits.

[81:17]  By the night as it falls.

[81:18]  And the morn as it breathes.

[81:19]  This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.

[81:20]  Authorized by the Possessor of the Throne, fully supported.

[81:21]  He shall be obeyed and trusted.

[81:22]  Your friend (Rashad) is not crazy.

[81:23]  He saw him at the high horizon.

[81:24]  He is not holding back any news.

[81:25]  It is not the talk of a rejected devil.

[81:26]  Now then, where will you go?

[81:27]  This is a message for all the people.

[81:28]  For those who wish to go straight.

[81:29]  Whatever you will is in accordance with the will of GOD, Lord of the universe.


Sura 82:  The Shattering (Al-Infitaar)

Number of verses in sura: 19

Order of revelation: 82

[82:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[82:1]  When the heaven is shattered.

[82:2]  The planets are scattered.

[82:3]  The oceans are exploded.

[82:4]  The graves are opened.

[82:5]  Every soul will find out what caused it to advance, and what caused it to regress.

[82:6]  O you human being, what diverted you from your Lord Most Honorable?

[82:7]  The One who created you, designed you, and perfected you.

[82:8]  In whatever design He chose, He constructed it.

[82:9]  Indeed, you disbelieve in the religion.

[82:10]  Oblivious to the fact that there are (invisible) keepers around you.

[82:11]  They are honest recorders.

[82:12]  They record everything you do.

[82:13]  Surely, the pious have deserved bliss.

[82:14]  While the wicked have deserved Hell.

[82:15]  Will incur it on the Day of Judgment.

[82:16]  They never leave it.

[82:17]  Awesome is the Day of Judgment.

[82:18]  What a day; the Day of Judgment!

[82:19]  That is the day when no soul can help another soul, and all decisions, on that day, will belong to GOD.


Sura 83:  The Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen)

Number of verses in sura: 36

Order of revelation: 86

[83:0]  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[83:1]  Woe to the cheaters.

[83:2]  Who demand full measure when receiving from the people.

[83:3]  But when giving them the measures or weights, they cheat.

[83:4]  Do they not know that they will be resurrected?

[83:5]  On a tremendous day?

[83:6]  That is the day when all people will stand before the Lord of the universe.

[83:7]  Indeed, the book of the wicked is in Sijjeen.

[83:8]  Do you know what Sijjeen is?

[83:9]  A numerically structured book.

[83:10]  Woe on that day to the rejectors.

[83:11]  They do not believe in the Day of Judgment.

[83:12]  None disbelieves therein except the transgressor, the sinful.

[83:13]  When our revelations are recited to him, he says, “Tales from the past!”

[83:14]  Indeed, their hearts have become shielded by their sins.

[83:15]  Indeed, they will be isolated, on that day, from their Lord.

[83:16]  Then they will be thrown into Hell.

[83:17]  They will be told, “This is what you used to deny.”

[83:18]  Indeed, the book of the righteous will be in `Elleyyeen.

[83:19]  Do you know what `Elleyyeen is?

[83:20]  A numerically structured book.

[83:21]  To be witnessed by those close to Me.

[83:22]  The righteous have deserved bliss.

[83:23]  On luxurious furnishings they watch.

[83:24]  You recognize in their faces the joy of bliss.

[83:25]  Their drinks will be spiced with nectar.

[83:26]  Its spice is like musk. This is what the competitors should compete for.

[83:27]  Mixed into it will be special flavors.

[83:28]  From a spring that is reserved for those close to Me.

[83:29]  The wicked used to laugh at those who believed.

[83:30]  When they passed by them, they used to poke fun.

[83:31]  When they got together with their people, they used to joke.

[83:32]  Whenever they saw them, they said, “These people are far astray!

[83:33]  “They have no such thing as (invisible) guards.”

[83:34]  Today, those who believed are laughing at the disbelievers.

[83:35]  On luxurious furnishings they watch.

[83:36]  Most assuredly, the disbelievers are requited for what they did.


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