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Know how the Holy Quran came to Earth

The verses in the Quran are those which were spoken by prophet Muhammad when he was completely immersed in divine inspiration. It is said that according to Islamic beliefs, God used to send these verses to Muhammad through angels. The collection of these holy verses is called the Quran.

It is said that the verses of the Quran were received from time to time by the Prophet for 23 years, which he sometimes compiled on sticks and tables. During these 23 years, the Prophet stayed in Mecca for 13 years and Medina for 10 years. It is said that after him, the first Khalifa Abubakr edited all these verses compiled by Muhammad and prepared the Holy Quran.

Islam is considered an Arabic word. Islam is an Arabic word meaning “submission” and in the. religious context means “submission to the will of God”. “Islam” is derived from the Arabic word “salam” which literally means peace. The religion demonstrates peace and tolerance. That is why being a Muslim means a person who has a completely peaceful relationship with everyone. 

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