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Jamati Sayedee’s crimes are worse than Molla’s?

Religion is a matter of faith based on evidence and logic. We cannot prove most of the religious doctrines  in any experimental lab. Mr Sayedi is a blind believing and ignorant fanatic.

If he forced someone to convert in Islam that is crime but not a crime worth to deserve capital punishment. So the attorney general what he said in this regard is too much! I think attorney general also becomes too much emotional and that’s not good; he is taking a very responsible duty so he should be strong and fair enough.

During war time some crimes could be committed due to not having proper laws and orders are in place. And stupid and ignorant fanatic like Mr Sayedi could take advantages of such situation! Anyway, please only consider death penalty for killing innocent people and for any other crimes consider lesser punishment.

Mr Sayedee should tell the truths honestly in court and seek forgiveness and be apologized for his past crimes (if any). A person could be very stupid and bad in past but could be very good at present! Even prophet Moses acknowledged in front of Pharaoh, the tyrant, that he was ignorant in the past and committed a crime.

His candid acknowledgement was not lowered his rank in front of Allah. A good person always takes lessen from his past mistakes and never does the same again. Allah could be merciful for such kind of person.

Anyway, Mr Sayedi could be stupid, ignorant and intolerant but we should prove ourselves that we are better humans than he.

Reference: ‘Sayedee’s crimes worse than Molla’s’

Musa Ali, PhD.

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