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Islam has been hijacked by the big Mulla parties in Pakistan!

Pakistani Pakistani wrote: In our country, Islam has illegally been allowed to be hijacked by the big Mulla parties and groups to divide and rule us. Every elected government has to please and allow them to build Masjid and Madressah every where and near to each other mostly illegally.Islam has become a tool in their hands to blackmail every elected government to follow a surrender policy towards them. Mulla Khadim Hussain Rizvi of Tehrik Labbaik along with his blind supporters blackmailed the government in Lahore through strikes, Hartals, burning of vehicles etc. Now he has been arrested. AS PUNISHMENT, HIS BEARD SHOULD BE SHAVED OFF.

    During Gen. Pervaiz Musharaff rule, a big Mulla of illegally built Lal Masjid in Islamabad created a big nuisance through strikes, Hartals, blocking roads, fighting with the police and the Rangers, killings and even the Madressah students particularly girls came out with Dandas to fight for the Mullas etc. The big Mulla after he was killed became a ‘bogus’ Shaheed as usual with the Taliban suicide bombers.

    That is why our Quaide Azam, a nonMulla and his non-Mulla, Muslim League party never favored Pakistan tobecome a religious state. As such up to 1970, Pakistan functioned well free from Mullaism and their exploitation and extremism. The Mullas stood cornered. All the minorities i.e. Qadyanis, Christians, Hindus, Parsees, Buddhists, atheists and others were happy and contributed their love and might towards making Pakistan a good industrial, welfare and progressive state. All means of entertainments were allowed to serve as diversion from Mullaism and extremism. People were very happy.

     But the meanest tactics of power-hungry Z. A. Bhutto did not allow the majority elected leader, Sh. Mujeeb to rule Pakistan resulting in military action in killing of Muslims by Muslims and ultimate secession of East Pakistan.Bhutto to please the opposing Mullas declared Qadyanis as non Muslims which brought shame world-wide as the Qadyanis went in large numbers as refugees to the West.

     Then came the rule of worst exploiter of Islam by another power-hungry ruler, Gen. Ziaul Haq. He hanged Bhuttoo and to please the opposing Mullas imposed Hudood Ordnance and then amended it into Sunni and Shia sectarian basis. No Zakat tax was deductible from a Shia bank-account holder resulting in filing of bogus declaration by Sunni bank-account holder to save money. No thief’s hand will be cut if he is a Shia and only his finger will be cut. But if a thief is a Sunni, his hand will be cut. He also created separate religious courts with appeal courts to deal with Hudood laws which all failed ultimately and miserably.

   To please the West, Gen. Ziaul Haq allowed USA towipe out Russian domination on Afghanistan through military action and allowed millions of Afghan refugees to settle down in Pakistan. The illiterate Afghanis mostly indulge in all illegal activities like sale of Heroin and Marijauna, occupying open spaces, plots, parks, markets to build Masjid/Madressahs and shops etc. They even illegally obtained National Identity Cards and Pakistani Passports to go and settle abroad as refugees and to indulge in smuggling of Heroin. Many of them were caught in Saudi Arabia and their heads were cutoff as punishment for smuggling and sale of Heroin/Marijauna. Gen. Zia was a great liar and that is why he never took oath of office on Holy Quran. He got his opponent, Allama Arif Hussaini murdered and in return the Pilot crashed his plane to murder him and others.


Blind believing Mullahs

God-Muslims.com replied: We know. Blind believing Mullahs are a big problem. They believe so many false things in the name of God or the messenger and ignore and oppose many genuine things unfortunately! What can we do! Let us pray, may God guide them. Thanks and regards,

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