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Is Quran miracle?

We do believe that the Quran is indeed a miracle because the Quran was revealed to prophet Muhammad around 1500 years ago still it contains many modern scientific facts which are discovered in modern time only. It was impossible for prophet Muhammad or anybody else during that time to create such a book.

One can see many very interesting scientific facts in such an ancient book, such as the big bang, the big crunch, earth is egg-shaped, expanding universe, obvious foretold about very speedy spacecraft etc. One can get a detailed list and explanation in the book, “Quran and modern science” to understand amazing facts of the Quran.

However, to be honest, few aspects of the Quran we do not understand, for example,  if God is kind, most merciful (we indeed firmly believe God is kind and most merciful) and can do everything just by giving a “Be” command, why are all those terrible earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, floods, famine, diseases, sufferings etc. happening?!

Many people argue that God is testing humanity. But God knows the present, past and future, open and covert so God does not need to do any test on anything or anybody. Any kind of test is applicable for human being due to human’s limitations. As God does not have any limitation, God does not need to test in such cruel and terrible ways!

Why does God want to burn the disbelieves in hell forever while they committed crimes here for a  very limited period of time?! In fact mathematically any human life span is almost zero as compared to forever (infinite time period). One-thousand years, one-million years, one-billion years, hundred or million-billion years etc. etc. has also an end eventually but forever means simply no ending.

There are some other similar-type questions out there and it is hard to understand really from a Quranic perspective. Still we can safely claim that the Quran is indeed an amazing book which contains many miracles. For more details, you may read the book, “Quran and modern science” to understand miraculous facts of the Quran.

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