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Is God really kind and merciful?

There are so many bad and cruel things happening in the world. So many diseases, so much blood sheds, so many murders, so many rapes, so much tortures, so much sufferings, etc. etc. If God is all powerful and most merciful how come all those things could happen! The new message from God is giving interesting answers on this crucial topic.

All those bad things are basically happening because God is not managing the world. Many religious people around the globe believe that everything (good and bad things or events) is happening as per the wishes of God. Nothing could happen without the permission of God but this is not true.



God has set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and geologic change since the beginning of time, and that is all running itself now. God is intelligent. God does not have to run every little thing. God does not have to move the blood through your veins or operate your millions of cells. God does not have to run the weather of the world. God does not have to run the nations of the world or the economies of the world. It is all set in motion. It was set in motion at the beginning of time.

 God watches over the world and all worlds, calling to the separated to return, calling through the avenues of religion, calling through the avenue of conscience, calling through the avenue of true love and recognition (THE NEW GOD).

The world is driven by powerful geologic and biologic forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe. God has set them in motion to operate on their own, moving in a certain direction. This has produced immense turbulence, even after the creation of this planet. These turbulent forces work throughout the Universe, depending on a world’s particular environment.

Humanity has had to endure violent weather, droughts, floods, pestilence—all manner of things because this is all part of living within a changing environment governed by physical laws & natural laws. Entirely different this is from your Ancient Home, from which you have come and to which you will return.

This is not a punishment from God, but it does represent what life means if you are living apart from God, if you are living in Separation. Life will be changing. Life will be difficult. It will be a life unlike your Ancient Home, unlike your heavenly state, and you will have to face many adversities ( Nature and Natural Disasters).

God is not managing the world because God did not send us here forcibly. It is we who decided and came here to have different experiences as compared to the experiences of our Ancient Home. The Ancient Home is our permanent home and this world is a kind of Hell, maybe a beautiful and enticing Hell!

Luckily God loves us so much and that is the reason our life here is very temporary, only for few years. Who wants to live in such Hell forever?! God love us so much and that is why even though we sought separation from God, God is still helping us, guiding us here if we sincerely and honestly seek His help and guidance.  So we should not blame God for all the troubles and difficulty we face here on earth.  Thank you.

Mark Henry

A follower and advocate of the New Message from God

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