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Interreligious Harmony in Nigeria

During the last 42 years, Nigeria has experienced all sorts of interreligious fratricides leading to loss of precious lives of civilians and men in uniform running into hundreds of thousands. Most older people will remember the Maitatsine Riots which dominated the Shehu Shagari and the IBB years.

Reprisal attacks by Southerners against Muslims/Northerners living in the South followed or prompted by many cases of riots, wars, killings in Kano, Jos, Zaria, Kaduna, Sagamu, Abuja, Eastern Nigeria and so on to the more recent bombing of places of worship in the North and South.

Muslim Christian Jew

Muslim Christian Jew

Millions of Nigerians living at home and overseas believe our religious diversity ought to be something of strength because we see Christians and Muslims living side by side, intermarrying, attending the same schools yet Religious Intolerance continues to be a major setback in Nigeria.

Nigeria has survived a civil war which lasted 3 years with millions of lives lost between 1967 and 1970. Analysts believe the war had some religious undertones because The North alleged that the South killed mainly Northern Leaders in the 1966 Coup de tat and that it was planned and hatched by Southern soldiers.Many Nigerians wonder why there is so much intolerance considering both Christians and Muslims are all descendants of Abraham which means we share more historical commonalities than differences. As a matter of fact both Muslims and Christians suffer the same poor living standards due to deficit leadership programs of successive Nigerian governments.

All hope is not lost. We love our country Nigeria, Muslims, North and South are all one. This was clearly stated in word and in deed during the Subsidy Removal protects organized by the Nigerian Labour Congress and Civil Societies in January 2012. Muslims and Christians came hard on Government in unison to say we’ve had enough. This is the real spirit of our Unity in Diversity and must be what Abuja based Stratech Travels and Tours Ltd perceived years ago and resolved to act upon.

People tend to forget that Nigeria became a nation in 1914 when the Southern and Northern protectorates were merged by the British colonialists to form one great country. While the Southern Protectorate was mainly Christians, the Northern Protectorate was mainly Muslims. 98 years later, the situation is not much different because Northern Nigeria is mostly Muslim having a huge number of Christians of Northern origin.

The North is also domiciled by millions of Southern Christians living and working in there. The same is the case in Southern Nigeria where millions from the South West, South South are also Muslims. Although a majority of Southern Nigerians are Christians, millions of Muslims also live and work in the North. We are indeed one great nation and that’s what Stratech Interreligious Tours are all about.

This great tours company operates 2 week Edutourism and Interreligious trips to Israel and Egypt for Nigerian Youths and Adults to visit well over 20 important and famous holy sites that are common to both Christians and Muslims. Starting April 2012 these trips with lots of advantages will inculcate in the minds of Christians & Muslims kids and adults that we are all from one source and should live peacefully side by side.

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