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How To Control Diabetes Without Medicine

It is a sad thing that the blood sugar is a serious disease that is growing rapidly. Today, adult diabetes is very common that the disease seems to affect even young people age 30 to 40. It’s really a challenge to the medical experts who are committed to diabetes research.

Although some people believe that diabetes management is easy, there are people to threaten that there is no permanent cure for diabetes. As such, the question is whether it can cure diabetes naturally without medication. Here is the discussion about diabetes and personal care.

According to this theory, hyperinsulinamia is the villain. Around the age of thirty years in India at least, the ability of cells to receive insulin deteriorates. To give a crude example, suppose that the door of the house is reduced in size, can not enter the house. We may have to tighten pulgadasCuando the medical department in our body gets information about apparent lack of insulin, which produces more insulin.

More people will lead to overcrowding in the street, that is, produce more insulin in the blood serum. Physicians will be given medicines to enlarge the door, it will be enough at first.

Subsequently, insulin administered by injection, even when the patient is taking insulin, well above the allowable limit of ten. There is no way to measure insulin, except in a few research institutions.

How to cure diabetes without medication is relatively easy if you are attentive to the management of their diabetes. It is important to ensure that do not take yourself to give up their medication without consulting your doctor. You have to work closely with your doctor to make sure that it will not do more damage.

How to cure diabetes without medication can be achieved with a healthy and balanced diet and regular daily exercise. This will take some time to implement, but certainly worth it once it’s in place. The most valuable tool that can be armed with a food diary and exercise, this allows you to find out which foods and exercise do not work for you and by knowing this information can be avoided completely and be well on your way to cure your diabetes without medication.

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