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How did God create the Universe?

The new message from God does not talk much on this issue. The physical universe contains unthinkable amount of matter and energy. How was these matter and energy created? God does not say much about it. It is a secret or it is unnecessary for us to know details because it is God works and not ours.

However, God is saying, God is the creator of the universe and it seems it is not much difficult job for God! God created physical and biological laws at the beginning of the Universe and since then the universe is running on itself.

God has set into motion the forces of nature, evolution, and geologic change since the beginning of time, and that is all running itself now. God is intelligent. God does not have to run every little thing. God does not have to move the blood through your veins or operate your millions of cells. God does not have to run the weather of the world. God does not have to run the nations of the world or the economies of the world. It is all set in motion. It was set in motion at the beginning of time (THE NEW GOD).

Another very important thing is that most of the Muslims, Christians and Jews people believe that God created the universe in certain days, for instance, Muslims believe as per the Quran that God created the universe in 6 days. Of course, God’s one day is not a normal human day.

God's Plan to Save Everyone

God’s Plan to Save Everyone Eventually

But the new message from God clearly says that it is a childish concept or belief. So, such verses of the Quran or Bible are not God’s words but human words. So, the many parts of the Quran and Bible are corrupted with injected human words.

So much of what people believe in is purely a human creation—the stories, the miracles, the tradition of stories and miracles—human creation. That God created the world in a few days—a human creation, the attempt by a limited understanding to comprehend the reality and the mystery of Creation. It is like asking a five-year-old to talk about the evolution of the world. They can only do it in such simple language, simple stories and a simple timeframe. They cannot yet comprehend the expanse, the immensity and complexity of what they are looking at (THE NEW GOD).

The universe is so vast and immense that it is totally impossible for any human being to think about it or encompass it intellectually.

Creation and even the physical universe expand so far beyond your boundaries, your capacity intellectually, that you are unwise to attempt to go there, for you will only find confusion, frustration and the pain of finding your own limits, which you can never exceed intellectually (The Separation).

We must accept our intellectual limitation. Any wise person can see or realize his/her intellectual limitations.

Mark Henry

A follower and advocate of the New Message from God

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