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How Can We Prove That the Bible Is God’s Word?

The Bible is one of, if not the most controversial book in the world. Since it was compiled into its full canon, it has been subject to the most rabid attacks, and its adherents to the most virulent persecution known to man. From the martyrdom arenas ran by the Romans, to being wrongfully accused and prosecuted for their faith in Moslem nations, those who have staked their lives on the claims of the Bible can attest than other than its controversy, it is the greatest and most powerful book in the world.

Its greatness does not merely stem from its being a historical narrative, but by the fact that is bears divine revelation. The Bible is God’s Word to mankind and in it he reveals Himself, His Character and His eternal plan for the ages. But how can we truly know that the Bible is God’s Word and how can we argue this in a post-Christian world?

The Bible is Prophetic

If a book claims to be God’s Word, then its words must be supernatural. Nothing spells supernatural more than prophecy. Prophecy is simply history written in advance; events foretold thousands of years ago coming to pass right before our eyes in our time and in the very exact way they were foretold. In this regards, no other religious writing comes even close to the Bible.

The Old Testament for instance, prophesied the coming of Jesus, where he would be born, how he would be born, his lineage, and even how he would die. These events happened exactly as predicted. Bible critics argue that these Old Testament prophecies were written after the fact. But historical and archeological records have refuted this time and time again.

The Words of the Bible Lead to Transformation

One of the greatest evidences that the Bible is truly God’s Word is that its words have a transforming effect on whoever believes them. Scoffers cannot expect this benefit because of their chronic unbelief. Earlier on we mentioned how the Christians were persecuted and wrongfully prosecuted and even killed for their faith.

These men, women and children who on the outside were as ordinary-looking as can be, were on the inside were so bold as to rejoice during the most harrowing torture and even execution. They did not fear death regardless of the way it was meted out.

Another aspect of transformation is in man’s character. Trusting in God’s Word produces such as a radical transformation in character that nothing short of supernatural can be attributed to it. The followers of Jesus eventually begin to speak and act like Him in such a manner that in they can easily be identified with him. In the Book of Acts, it is said that his followers were first called “Christians” because they resembled Jesus in a myriad ways.

Change of character can also be reflected in the selflessness that permeates all that Christians do. In the Book of Acts, when we look at the way the Christians lived, we see that they shared everything they had and lived for each other. This selfless attitude is an inner working of the supernatural word of God and proves that the Bible is truly God’s Word.

Persecution of the Jews

The rivalry and consequent hatred the Jews and Muslims is really a contest of the “gods”. At the core of the matter, the question is whether the Bible or the Quran is right. Both cannot both be right unless one submits to the other. The Quran’s doctrines are so incompatible with those of the Bible that there is no way both can be right. At the end of time, the true God will back His Word with supernatural signs and wonders.


In the Bible, we see miraculous acts as a result of God’s Word. They begin in Genesis, where God speaks the universe into existence. This proves that His Word has supernatural power. These same words were penned down and preserved for us. We see prophets like Moses, Elijah, Elisha and Daniel speaking God’s Word and miracles and signs take place. This also happened in the life of Jesus and his disciples and it happens today. This proves that the Bible is God’s Word.

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