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Hearing God’s voice


Walking through the wrapping paper aisle in Hobby Lobby, tears filled my eyes.  Surrounded by the sights and smells of Christmas, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the loss of my mom – my friend of friends, my best cheerleader.  While it has only been 10 months, it seems like forever!

My brothers, sisters and I find comfort in the assurance that she is with Jesus. At the appointed time, we know we will see her again. Meanwhile, she is enjoying her first Christmas in heaven and undoubtedly the best one ever. We ponder what she is experiencing.

Most of us talked to her often, some every day. The absence of her precious voice, her encouraging words, texts and emails are sorely felt. I would love to be able to call her now. I long to hear her sweet voice.

How desperate the people of God must have felt centuries ago.

According to many sources, there was a 400-year span between the Old and New Testaments. During those years, sometimes called the 400 Silent Years, no one heard the voice of God. No prophets were raised up. There were no visions, no dreams. Nothing. Nada. What a dark time that must have been.

The year 2020 seems like it has been one of those in-between years. Yet, thankfully, we don’t have to experience it with no word from God. He speaks in many ways today – if we are paying attention. Years ago, through his study Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby alerted me to the ways God speaks: through the Holy Spirit, through the Bible, through prayer, through the church and through our circumstances.

If we haven’t heard from God lately, we may need to make ourselves available to hear Him.

  • There has never been a more important time for us to be immersed in His Word. It applies to us every single day.
  • Spending time in prayer is crucial and I encourage you to find the time. We all need wisdom and direction.
  • It’s vital for us to be involved in a church whether that means online or in person. 
  • And we must watch what He is doing in our circumstances.

I really do want to hear God’s voice, but sometimes I want to do all the talking. I need to give Him time to speak and listen.

Since my mom went to heaven, I found an invaluable treasure.  Somehow, in some inexplicable way, an icon with a blue folder appeared on my phone. It held a video of her making cornbread. My brother was filming and could be heard coaxing information from her as she measured and stirred. Now I can hear her voice anytime I want!  Just as I do not take for granted being able to hear her, we must not take for granted being able to hear God’s voice. 

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor’s wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at preacherswife7@yahoo.com

Source:  https://kentuckytoday.com

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