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Hair Restoration- A Modern Solution to Hide Scars

When you look at someone, the chances are that most of time you will be taking in their face and head. So, scarring on the scalp often causes people to be extremely self-conscious about their appearance. It may seem as though there is little that can be done to remove or even hide these kinds of scar, but the latest hair restoration techniques can achieve incredible results.

There are many common causes of scalp injuries. Car accidents, sports injuries, birthmarks or burns, inflammatory diseases like psoriasis, and even face-lift surgeries can all leave indelible traces on the scalp, which can affect hair growth and leave bald patches. In some cases, these can be disguised with different kinds of hairstyle, but there are times when this is impossible. If hair styling will not cover the area successfully, hair restoration surgery could be the only answer.

Hair restoration on a scarred scalp should not be undertaken lightly. It requires a great deal of care and a thorough examination of the scalp and the scar tissue to see whether surgery will help. If, for instance, an injury has severely affected the blood supply to the scarred area, the hair follicles may not be able to survive the procedure or may not function well enough to grow hair. Similarly, an underlying chronic inflammatory disease of the scalp may have a negative effect on the surgery.

However, if these issues are not a problem, then hair restoration surgery can be highly effective in covering scars. The procedure involved removing hair from the body or other parts of the head and placing it in the scar tissue on the scalp.

Even though the survival rate of grafts into scar tissue is less than for healthy skin and can vary greatly with different kinds of scar tissue, there is a chance that the procedure will succeed. While hair restoration will not get rid of a scar, it can place hairs in and around a scar so that when the hair grows out the scar will be less noticeable.

A number of clinics are now offering scar repair hair restoration surgery and some, like the Harley Street Hair Clinic, which is the only UK hair loss clinic that has an exclusive focus on follicular transfer techniques, have seen some outstanding results.

A test procedure, which places hair in a small patch of scar tissue, will quickly indicate whether a more intensive process of surgery is likely to succeed. So, even if there is no guarantee of success, it is worth making an appointment to find out what the chances are.

Follicle extraction and replacement techniques offer the best chance of repairing the damage to hair growth caused by scar tissue, and is done with a precision that ensures no damage to the surrounding areas of the scalp.

Furthermore, follicular transfer allows hairs to be placed and grouped in natural orientation, so that there are no lingering signs that a surgical procedure has been used. There is a good chance that scalp scars can be hidden with this kind of surgery, so there is no longer a need to live in with concerns about that kind of defect on your appearance. With expert help and innovative hair restoration surgery techniques scalp scarring can be easily forgotten.

About the Author: Harley Street Hair Clinic is experts in Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement Surgery. Potential clients are offered a free online consultation.

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