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God’s angels are always with us

The Quran clearly informs us that there are God’s angels with us constantly. They are so much close to us! God’s angels are definitely very powerful and intelligent but most of the people never hear or meet the angels! Is not it quite strange? Is it just enough to believe in such angels?

[The Quran 50:16]  We created the human, and we know what he whispers to himself. We are closer to him than his jugular vein.

[The Quran 50:17]  Two recording (angels), at right and at left, are constantly recording.

Those angels are ready to help us but how can we get help from them? How can we get their counsel? There is a clue! The Quran emphasizes so much on mediation. Prophet Muhammad (s) started his meditation even before being a prophet and messenger of God, the Islamic history confirms.

[The Quran 73:6]  The meditation at night is more effective, and more righteous.

When he became a prophet he sometimes mediated several hours in just one night, the Quran again confirms.

[The Quran 73:20]  Your Lord knows that you (Muhammad) meditate during two-thirds of the night, or half of it, or one-third of it, and so do some of those who believed with you. GOD has designed the night and the day, and He knows that you cannot always do this. He has pardoned you. Instead, you shall read what you can of the Quran. He knows that some of you may be ill, others may be traveling in pursuit of GOD’s provisions, and others may be striving in the cause of GOD…

Meditation is the way to still the mind so that our greater mind can emerge to contact with God’s angels. To contact with God’s angels is not a trivial incident, so we must make some effort for that as our beloved prophet and many of his companions did. God’s angels are much intelligent than us so we can get some profound help and suggestions from them.

But first we must know how to contact with them. So, meditation and stillness of mind is the way to contact with the angels. There are many saints (pirs) and mystics in Islam do meditation regularly. But in the cloud of some mechanical rituals and practices, unfortunately we are missing the main ingredient of Islam. May God bless you.


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