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The Holy Quran and Modern Science

Are you a truth seeker? Are you looking for the true religion that is assigned by God almighty for mankind? To follow a religion blindly doesn’t make any sense. You need to distinguish what is truth from what is falsehood by using science, reasons, logic and rationality. You should not be confused by some atheist scientists like Stephen Hawking et. al. Definitely there is an almighty God out there. God (Allah in Arabic) did not create us aimlessly.

Professionally Dr. Anisur Rahman is a prominent scientist in applied physics but he is a specialist in religion and modern science too. The existence of many scientific miracles in the Quran unambiguously proves that the holy Quran could not be produced by any human being 1400+ years ago.

By using the holy Quran and modern science, Dr. Anis proves beyond any doubt that the holy Quran is a Book has come from the Lord of the Universe, God. You should not miss this book if you are a sincere truth seeker. With the light of the Holy Quran (Koran) and Modern Science the following topics have been discussed in this book:

  1. The Big Bang
  2. Einstein’s biggest blunder
  3. The Big Crunch
  4. The Big Bang, at a glance
  5. The Sun, Earth, Moon and all other Celestial bodies orbiting in their fixed orbits
  6. Earth is egg-shaped
  7. Oscillating Universe
  8. Multiple Universes
  9. At the beginning, Universe was full of smoke
  10. Expanding Universe

And many other important topics…


Bangla version

Publisher: Md. Mahabubur Rahman. Systech Publications, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.


English version

From Amazon: The Quran and Modern Science


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