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Mutual fight among misguided Muslim sects and groups

Let’s see first what God Almighty commands us as to the unity among Muslims and how so-called Muslims and their religious leaders are respecting and obeying God’s commands.

[The Koran 3:103]You shall hold fast to the rope of GOD, all of you, and do not be divided

[The Koran 3:105] Do not be like those who became divided and disputed, despite the clear proofs that were given to them. For these have incurred a terrible retribution.

[The Koran 6:159] Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with GOD, then He will inform them of everything they had done.

It is not a trivial issue at all. It is in fact the issue of choosing either paradise or hell. God Almighty says that those who break their religion and make into sects and groups they have no relation with Islam or prophet means they are not Muslims(6:159).

Let us see few examples how those corrupt Muslims are fighting against each other.

For instance, if one is a Wahabbi or a Deabandi, then the Barelvi leader Ahmad Raza Khan stated that both these groups are ‘murtadd and kafir according to the unanimous view of Muslims and whoever doubts their being such is himself a kafir(disbeliever).

The Barelvi leader had issued this fatwa(verdict) against the Deoband and the Wahabbi groups as some three hundred Sunni ulama of the entire Muslim world did the same. They stated that: “have given this fatwa unanimously that the Wahabbia/Deobandi sects are among extreme apostates and infidels. Indeed they are infidels of such hue that any one who does not regard them as infidels is also counted among the infidels and his wife will become automatically divorced in such a situation.

Any progeny from such a marriage will be illegitimate and can claim no inheritance under Muslim law.” In a similar fatwa issued by the Mufti and Imam of the Ka’aba and the Muftis of Medina, the Wahabbis have been declared disbelievers and apostates.

The edict issued by them declares: “The Wahabbis, in the unanimous opinion of the divines of Mecca and Medina are disbelievers and apostates from Islam such that anyone who comes to know of their cursed writings and speeches and still doubts in their being disbelievers himself becomes a disbeliever.”

The Deobandi and Wahabbi ulama have issued similar fatwas against the Barelvis. For instance, Maulvi Sayyid Muhammad Murtaza of Deoband denounced Ahmad Raza Khan, the leader of Barelvi’s as a murtadd, a dadjaal of the century and a great kafir and excluded him from the pale of Islam.

Another big Mullah: Maudoodi!!

One of the famous Mullahs Maudoodi, whose ideas are swallowing by many gullible people, particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries. Even once I was a strong supporter of Mullah Maudoodi! This Mullah did nothing for Islam but to create another division among Muslims. He rejected many so-called authentic Hadiths and surprisingly  accepted many weak headiths which suited his needs!

I have read his Quran translation(his Quran translation is not bad) and explanation(based on his chosen and favorable hadiths regardless of weak or strong ones) and in one part of his explanatory comments he terribly propagated hatred toward genuine Muslims those who rejected all Hadiths as a source of religious guidance. Let us have a look at his name and title—Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi.

The name translates as:  “Our master, owner, the father of the most glorious, Maudoodi”.  It is strange that the man claimed to be a great Islamic scholar and leader lived 76 years with this name! His name itself depicts outright shirk?!  According to the Quran, “Maulana” (9:51), “our Master”, al-Aala, the Most Glorious is no one but God Almighty.

Maulvi Abul Ala Maududi has been condemned by many well-known Islamic scholars as a heretic and one of the thirty dadjaals prophesied by Hazrat Muhammad. An edict issued against him declared: ‘There is no doubt that he is amongst those who have been led astray. I strongly urge Muslims to keep themselves aloof from his beliefs and ideology.

People should not regard him a servant of Islam and should not be under any illusions. The Holy Prophet declared that before the appearance of the Dadjaal, thirty other Dadjaals would be born to pave the way for him. As I understand it, Maududi is one of these thirty dadjaals (Siddiq, Maulvi Muhammad. Haq Parast Ulema ko Maududiat say Narazghi ke Asbab).

More mutual conflicts and fights!

Older Mullahs are more famous and respectable than contemporary ones!

# Imam Shafai is totally unreliable (Yahya Bin Moin in Jama Byanul Ilm).

# Abu Hanifa had no trace of knowledge of Deen (Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396).

# Abu Hanifa is no less than Iblees and Dajjal (Imam Malik, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:396).

# The worst of all people in Islam is Abu Hanifa.  He is Dajjal! (Abdur Rahman Bin Mahdi, Imam Ozaai, Khateeb Baghdadi 13:498).

# The mischief of Imam Abu Hanifa for the Ummah is no less than that of Dajjal. According to Imam Abdur Rahman Mehdi, his Fitna is greater then that of Dajjal, the anti-Christ.

# Imam Shafaai called Abu Hanifa “the worst of creation”.

# Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said, “I agree with what you are telling me, but if Abu Hanifa favored it, then I reject it as nonsense.”

# Abu Hanifa and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal were “Munkireen” (deniers) of hadith. Abu Hanifa accepted only 17 ahadith (Khateeb 13:387).

# A person told a hadith on behalf of Imam Malik to Abu Hanifa that wudhu (ablution) is half of faith.  Imam Abu Hanifa responded (sarcastically), “You should perform two ablutions so that your faith can become whole (Khateeb Baghdadi 13:387).

# Abu Hanifa declared that Imam Malik was a man without any sense.

# Imam Ja’afar Sadiq was an ugly blot on Islam according to Ahmad bin Hanbal.

Many so-called ulama have demanded social and religious segregation from other sects, namely, the Ahle Hadeeth merely on account of the others saying Amen aloud; raising their hands during prayers or folding arms on the chest and reciting Al Hamd behind the Imam while being led in congregational prayers because they are considered to be misguided sects and their practices alleged to be opposed to the Sunnis.

Situations are even much worse if we switch over our vision from those above Sunni sects to Shia sects.

Shia-Sunni clash claims thousands of lives in many Muslim countries particularly in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon etc.

The Wahabi or Salafi movement of Saudi Arabia, have made no secret of declaring that the Shias are “no-Muslims”, or “Kafirs”(Wahabis consider themselves “true Sunnis” but are considered “pseudo-Sunnis” by some other Muslims.)

The Shia minority in Saudi Arabia has no political power or rights, and edicts by the Wahabi clerics have declared “Shia blood to be halal, i.e. permissible to be shed. Shias have been forbidden from building new mosques or expanding existing ones. Shia Muslims constitute about eight percent of the Saudi population.

According to the most of the Sunni groups’ claim:

Shia denial of the companionship of hazrat Abu bakar and levelling of false allegations (slander) against hazrat Aaisha, wife of the prophet, render them kafir. The same group ulama at another place in their very book has written that shias are murtads (apostates) and liable to be written that shias are murtads (apostates) and liable to be killed. (Shami, vol. Ii, p. 683). “Whoso believes in the theory of tahrif(alteration) in the Quran is a Murtad and Kafir. He cannot be equated with the “people of the book” (i.e. The Jews and Christians). It is unlawful to have inter-marriages with them or develop any other relationships. “Undoubtedly Rafida (and shias) are not Muslims.”(Al-fazl by ibn hazm hanbali, vol. Ii p. 780, Published in 1341 h).

On the other hand, Shia(Shiite) also holds same extreme position ignoring the holy Quran and God’s commands.

  1. Sahabah(prophet Muhammad’s companions) became infidel by denying the divine right (Wilayat) of Hazrat Ali. First three caliph and other Sahabas became infidel by denying the divine right of (Wilayat) of Hazrat Ali (Asool Kaafi, Page No. 420).
  2. All the people rejected Islam after the death of the Prophet except three. Miqdad, Abu Zar and Salman Farsi (Quran Majeed by Maqbool Hussain Dehlevi, Page No. 134).
  3. Hazrat Abu Bakr could not recite Kalma at the time of his death (Israr-e-Muhammad, Page No. 211).
  4. When Our Qaim (12th Imam) gets up, Humira (Ayesha) will be raised from the dead so as to be whipped her due punishment, and so as to avenge the daughter of Muhammad, Fatima (Al Shafi, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 108).
  5. Shaitan was the first to sworn the oath of allegiance from Abu Bakr in the mosque (Israr-e-Muhammad, Page No. 30).
  6. Shias’ Imam knows his hour of death and his death is in his control (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1,Page No. 258).
  7. Imam posses more attribute than a prophet posses (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 388).

I have put only several typical examples in this article. Many people claim and want to hide and fool others by saying that Sunni Muslims are united and basically they have not much unity problem in terms of especially religious practice and so do Shias.

But in reality, in Sunni and Shia (Shiite) sects again there are hundreds of groups and sub-groups and many of them are engaging fierce fighting against each other. Are they really Muslims or just Shia or Sunni according to the holy Quranic criterion(6:159)? Allah Almighty will judge them.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe.


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