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Effective and Natural Tips for Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids is the another name for piles and these are caused due to the swelling in the veins and its surrounding region, It can make your life worse as it causes itching and intense pain whenever you sit or move. Here are some natural hemorrhoid treatments which can be easily done at home:
Avoid Lifting of Heavy Things
Lifting heavy items can cause strain on the lower half of your body which should be avoided in order to get rid of this disease. If you are at high risk to hemorrhoids it is strictly advised to avoid weightlifting.
Taking Sitz Bath
Sitz bath is most popularly used for hemorrhoid treatment because of the reason that it can be simply done. One important thing to be considered while taking Sitz bath is to make use of warm water only and not hot water because of the reason that hot water may cause harm to your body.
Simple Bowel movements
Hemorrhoids is the another name for piles and these are caused due to the swelling in the veins and its surrounding region, hence it is desired that body should pass soft stools, not hard ones and in order to soften your stool, you need to incorporate lots of fiber and liquids in your diet.



Avoid scratching
It is strictly advised that you should avoid scratching as it can only provide you temporary relief and you can have repercussions that can worsen the condition by causing damage to the walls of the veins, which could be the more harmful situation.
Ice packs
Ice packs are great homemade natural remedy for hemorrhoids, as application of ice can provide you enormous relief from pain and itching you are suffering from.
Weight consideration
Obesity is more susceptible cause to hemorrhoid because in that case body will face constant pressure in the lower portion and therefore, it is very essential to maintain your body weight.
Avoid intake of salt
More use of salt in your diet can make your hemorrhoids more intense as salt has the ability to keep fluids and therefore, swelling in the veins of the anus may occur.
Control your diet
All the substances like coffee, beer, cola and spicy foods should be completely avoided, however these items are not directly responsible for causing hemorrhoids but they may make you feel worse while passing through your bowels.
Take rest
Rest is the good solution for getting rid from the pain of hemorrhoids. Taking rest will relieve the pressure on your irritated and inflamed veins to a large extent, you should try to sleep on your stomach and place a pillow on your back.

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