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Does God need our endorsement?!

We can see there is a great conflict among different sects and groups in Islam. Though they believe in God, angels, God’s messengers, God’s scriptures, they are quite often terribly at odds with each other! In many instances they are fighting and killing each other in many places in the world!

Sunni Muslims believe that they must utter “La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah”  to become a Muslim. Shia Muslims believe that to be a Muslim one must utter “La ilaha illallah Muhammadur rasulullah Ali un wali ullah.”

Yet another group called themselves “Quranists/Quran aloners strictly utter “La ilaha illallah.” “La ilaha illallah” means there is no god but God. These words endorse strictly about one God and God does not have any partner. It is true that there is one God of the universe (we also believe so but we cannot exactly prove it of course) but question is, does God need all those human endorsement?!

They utter all those words very often to show that they are serving and remembering God. Does God need all those utterings and pronouncements?  God is the Creator of billion, billion, billion… of galaxies, stars, planets etc. Can we even imagine how great and powerful God is? What will make difference for God to utter all those words or not to utter those words?!  The Quran itself says that God does not need anything from us and God is fully self-sufficient.

[The Quran 35:15]  O people, you are the ones who need GOD, while GOD is in no need for anyone, the Most Praiseworthy.

But due to all those issues they are fighting and even killing each other! Can a rational person believe that God likes such ignorant and senseless human behavior?

Yes, a human king/emperor/PM/president needs human endorsement to govern his kingdom. Are not those people bringing God to the level of a human king?  Though it seems an audacious question, it is indeed a legitimate question!  Can any blind believer reply honestly with proper logic and rationality?

Why do you fight for all those issues? Can you work for peace, selfless giving and positive development for humankind instead, to make this world a better place to live? Yes, indeed, God wants you doing so!


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