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Theism-Atheism debate: Does God exist?

The existence of God cannot be proved or disproved. We come to this world without our permission; we will die again without our permission and nothing can prevent it; so we belong to a supreme power (God) Who is totally beyond our control. God says in the Quran:

[The Quran 2:28]  How can you disbelieve in GOD when you were dead and He gave you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life, then to Him you ultimately return?

We belong to a supreme power (God) that is why we have to die and nothing can prevent it.

[The Quran 56:83]  When the (death) time comes and it (your soul) reaches your throat –

[56:84]  you will then look around.

[56:85]  We are closer to it than you are, but you do not see.

[56:86]  If it is true that you do not owe any accounting –

[56:87]  why do you not restore (your soul), if you are truthful?

There are many other powerful Quranic arguments as to the existence of God (Allah). In addition to the Quranic arguments for God’s existence, there are logical arguments. First, there is the ontological argument. The most popular form of the ontological argument uses the concept of God to prove God’s existence.

It begins with the definition of God as “a being than which no greater can be conceived.” It is then argued that to exist is greater than to not exist, and therefore the greatest conceivable being must exist. If God did not exist, then God would not be the greatest conceivable being, and that would contradict the very definition of God .

A second argument is the teleological argument. The teleological argument states that since the universe displays such an amazing design, there must have been a divine Designer. For example, if the

Earth were significantly closer or farther away from the sun, it would not be capable of supporting much of the life it currently does. If the elements in our atmosphere were even a few percentage points different, nearly every living thing on earth would die.

The odds of a single protein molecule forming by chance is 1 in 10243 (that is a 1 followed by 243 zeros). A single cell is comprised of millions of protein molecules. So, it is even very difficult to imagine how complicated and sophisticated the living being is!

A third logical argument for God’s existence is called the cosmological argument. Every effect must have a cause. This universe and everything in it is an effect. There must be something that caused everything to come into existence. Ultimately, there must be something “un-caused” in order to cause everything else to come into existence. That “un-caused” cause is God. 

A fourth argument is known as the moral argument. Every culture throughout history has had some form of law. Everyone has a sense of right and wrong. This sense of right and wrong just cannot be originated from the combinations of materialistic things, such as, atoms and molecules. Murder, lying, stealing, and immorality are almost universally rejected. Where did this sense of right and wrong come from if not from a holy God?

Being a tiny, weak and mortal human being we should not expect to understand much. Believing in God makes big sense. Who creates the unthinkable complicated and sophisticated human body? Only plausible answer can be that a most Intelligent Being (God) creates human being.

Who initiates Big Bang and this gigantic universe? In universe everything is running with perfect sets of laws. If these laws break down everything could have been collapsed. So who creates and guards those natural laws? Only sensible answer in this regard is that an all knowing intelligent Being, God.

Why do we force to die? Who enforces this rule? Why we all human being are totally helpless in front of death? No technology, no science, no trick, nothing works at all! Likewise as to so many questions we never know the answer if we assume that there is no God .

There are ample of evidences exist in nature about the existence of God. However, God doesn’t directly talk to us or we cannot directly see or hear from God. This is indeed the greatest mystery. However, it is the decision of God that He normally doesn’t talk with human.

So, based on evidences it is a requirement to believe in God for eternal salvation. We don’t see any point that atheists are cleverer than theists. Absolutely it does not make sense to be an atheist.

Also the many scientific aspects of the holy Quran prove undoubtedly that the Quran is indeed the Book comes from the almighty and all knowing God. Therefore, atheism has no basis.

Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe.

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