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Day of resurrection is very near to everybody

Probably time is the most mysterious entity in nature. So far, we understand time very little despite many glories in modern science. Einstein’s theory of relativists are mathematically elegant but impossible to perceive its various outcomes. Does Einstein’s theory of relativists solve all riddle on time? Nobody could claim so but theory of relativists had revealed some very mysterious nature of time for the first time.

[The Quran 25:47]  He is the One who designed the night to be a cover, and for you to sleep and rest. And He made the day a resurrection.

[39:42]  GOD puts the souls to death when the end of their life comes, and also at the time of sleep. Thus, He takes some back during their sleep, while others are allowed to continue living until the end of their predetermined interim. This should provide lessons for people who reflect.

When we fall asleep, we lose the sense of time passage. In fact, it is not rocket science, but everybody’s commonsense experience. Therefore, even though the day of resurrection could be million years away that million years time passage is totally out of sense who already passed away. Death is equivalent to sleep so time passage could not be perceived.

[18:19]  When we resurrected them, they asked each other, “How long have you been here?” “We have been here one day or part of the day,” they answered. “Your Lord knows best how long we stayed here, so let us send one of us with this money to the city. Let him fetch the cleanest food, and buy some for us. Let him keep a low profile, and attract no attention.

[18:25] They stayed in their cave three hundred years, increased by nine.

They were sleeping in that cave for three hundred years but when they woke up, they felt they had slept only for part of a day! Because time did not pass with respect to them as long as they were asleep. As everybody has to die, day of resurrection is very near to everybody considering no time passage after dying.

[16:77] To GOD belongs the future of the heavens and the earth. As far as He is concerned, the end of the world (the Hour) is a blink of an eye away, or even closer. GOD is Omnipotent.

[33:63] The people ask you about the Hour (end of the world). Say, “The knowledge thereof is only with GOD. For all that you know, the Hour may be close.”

[42:17] GOD is the One who sent down the scripture, to deliver the truth and the law. For all that you know, the Hour (Day of Judgment) may be very close.


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